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Mario 2 Key Holder Tattoo

I did this on my leg a long time. Just found a picture and decided to post it. Gonna put a key and a couple other mario 2 related things around my left foot.
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That's interesting. Most people won't know what it is, but it's cool to keep the classics around.
Thank you. Exactly. I dont care if anyone recognizes it. I have a personal vendetta against this little key guardian. HAHAH. I grew up on this.
I have so many systems, and a good computer, and all that jazz. Id rather Play NES SNES/ Master System/Genesis anyday of the week over an xbox or playstation anything. IF, I ever have kids, they will grow up having the classics instead of whatever modern shit is out.
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Good philosphy, I too still have the old systems hooked up to a 52 inch tv, but I also have a PS3.
Its not that im against the PS3 or XBOX.. Im still just having a hard time putting down the original games. The simplicity of the art, really entertains me more than most of the modern games. Something to be said for the old school music too. I actually find the older games are actually ALOT harder more often than not. Ill never be able to escape the nostalgia of the 80s.
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