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Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)

:party: UPDATE- This is now available as a free all-singing, all-dancing browser game on Kongregate and Newgrounds :party:

:bulletblue:First things first, this probably won't work on Firefox (dA PDFs don't for me anyway) so please either use Chrome or download the file. Anyway... I wrote this Choose Your Own Adventure game a while ago as a text only Kindle story. The links took forever to format and it sold pretty badly, but it did get nominated for an indie book award, which is something.

:bulletred:So, buoyed by this- whether wisely or not- I had an idea of turning it into a online Flash game (the sort you see on Kongregate, Newgrounds and even dA here and there). The idea was to take the story, add graphics, music and animations and put it out for free for people to enjoy/ get massively frustrated by, and I'm currently working on this with my friend and Unity coder, Mike.

:bulletyellow:In the meantime, this started out on dA, so I wanted a version here- even if it's only a PDF file. Chapter 1 is complete, and I'll update it when the next two are done. Please let me know what you think, whether bad or good and, if you do enjoy it, please consider supporting your friend and humble narrator by buying a text-only ebook copy for $1 on Smashwords or $1.22 on Amazon Kindle, or even consider leaving a review there.

:bulletblue:I offer many thanks to the excellent stock artists whose work I've adapted for this. There's a credits section in the game for more detail:
:iconcastock::iconchirinstock::iconmaureenolder::iconneedanewname::iconmjranum-stock::iconsabrejaw::iconkhalidia::iconkittyd-stock::iconfaestock::iconcamelfobia::iconjagged-eye::iconwhitewing-stock-etal::iconthe-strawberry-tree: :iconhyenacub-stock::iconliancary-art:

:bulletyellow:I respect the stock artists and have read all of your terms, but sometimes these can be misinterpreted so, if you don't want your work used for a free game outside dA then please let me know ASAP :)

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This is awesome fun to read/play. I had a go at it and I can't stop :D Great work, so imaginative :clap:
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Thanks, glad you liked it :D
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LOL!  I love it--very cool!  mom woulda gotten a kick out of how you used her. XD  t wouldn't hurt to add a credits list to the end of the PDF itself, as a suggestion.  But very fun!
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Thanks! Yeah, there'll definitely be a credits section once the game's finished. I'll add one to the PDF for the next update :)
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OH it's a WIP.  Very cool concept...I didin't know you could mke one into a PDF.
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Hi, been a while- but this is finished now! Thanks for all your support. Your mum's character features in chapter 2 as well :)
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That's awesome, thanks!
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