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Neree sketch by redrose-melody Neree sketch :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 3 0 Tybalt draft by redrose-melody Tybalt draft :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 0 0
A Poem for the lonely souls
A poem, for the lonely soul
Sunset eyes fading into red
A flash of teal, vanishing into black.
Everything around me is drowning in the dark.
And I'm sinking into the sleep I dread.
A souless existence, who am I?
A blur, perfect, vivid clear, yet...
Around me, voices, actions, my face is wet
And I'm here, standing cold and dry
Flashes of teal comes to my mind,
And into my soul, sunset is strong
I cannot breathe, it lure me like a song
I am nothing, as I continue to hide.
In the shadow I move, silent, immunized
A weapon, one with the air, then I see
A hurricane, a blazing fire, it amaze me
I breathe again, open my eyes, mesmerized
There, the sun finally sets,
A voice, softly breaks me
Be alive with me tonight.
:iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 2 2
Mario Plateclothes by redrose-melody Mario Plateclothes :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 1 0 Protoype by redrose-melody Protoype :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 2 3 The Twins by redrose-melody The Twins :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 0 6 DevID by redrose-melody DevID :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 0 0
The husband prince?!?
Once upon a time, two people lived not too far from one another. One was a girl as beautiful as the stars, like a diamond shining in the night sky. She was a lovely creature that moved with the grace of a butterfly and...
"That's boring! What about the other one?"
... Ahem, now the other one. He was dashing, brave and quite a lot of ladies had their eyes on him.
"Names maybe?"
Patience is a virtue you know. Now where was I? Yes, two peasants. One was named Fox, the other Krystal. So, Krystal worked as a servant to Fox family. The man being charming as he was, she fell in love with him. Everytime Fox would asks something of her, she would answer "As you wish" But both of them knew that in truth, she meant "I love you"
"What? It's a love story? We're stuck in a stinking cell! Can't you tell us a story with a bit more action in it?"
"But I like love stories"
"Love stories are icky, it's just about stoopid kissing"
This story also has a lot of action and deadly situations. Even pirates so
:iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 0 3
ME2: Jack Cosplay by redrose-melody ME2: Jack Cosplay :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 3 2 Wa lolita kinda by redrose-melody Wa lolita kinda :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 0 0 Blue dress by redrose-melody Blue dress :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 1 0 Not quite a forest by redrose-melody Not quite a forest :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 1 0 Sleep well by redrose-melody Sleep well :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 1 2 A nice family by redrose-melody A nice family :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 1 2 I'm king of this land by redrose-melody I'm king of this land :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 0 4 Shhhh I'm hiding by redrose-melody Shhhh I'm hiding :iconredrose-melody:redrose-melody 0 0


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So, while I'm not very creative lately... and by that I meant the few last months...years? I simply wanted to say I wasn't dead.
I did have a lot of bothersome IRL problems to take care of and it's not like I'm being watched much anyway.

I recently started to draw again though. And by recently, I meant today... and by draw, I meant sketch stuff. 

It's not quite much, I need to improve a lot, but I don't feel like tearing it to pieces anymore. Which is a big improvement. Right now, I'm a bit taken by old subjects of mine, if you remember 'Help me smile' and 'Smile for me' , yeah it's the main subject of drawing. Characters I can't seem to detach myself from.

Problem? Is the nostalgia that comes with it. I'll spare you the details.


On another note? I started Naruto again! Aaaand... I have fell into the pit of fandom too. That's actually what first started my need to draw.

And really? There's not enough NejiNaru on DA I can't believe how little there is really!!!


Elodie Mercier
Hello people.

For the few last years, I've been hellbent on cosplaying and making doll clothes, but my first love has always been Drawing.

I've started Drawing in a more passionate way when I discovered mangas. More precisely, Dragon Ball.
I first read Dragon Ball when I was five.

I've been drawing ever since then.


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