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Cara Lox:Private Work Out

By Redrobot3D
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Cara Lox: Private Workout

“Being Cara Lox comes with a lot of benefits. Those include being extremely rich, getting to travel around the world, personal assistants on your beck and call, and best of all having your own private gym!
It's late at night and Cara needs to get a work out in for her next big upcoming adventure. Wearing her form fitting sweats, our sexy heroine begins her workout with some stretches and then some light weight lifting. Getting all warmed up, Cara decides to strip down to her lacy one piece thong outfit to really get her sweat on. Things only heat up from there as Cara decides to bare it for leg day and really get her session going!”

If you really wanted to see Cara in all her glory doing what she does best, then “Private Workout” is the set for you. This soft core only set features over 31 images in an easy to read PDF format.

You can purchase this PDF for 500 points here on Deviant art or 5.00 as a monthly pledge on my patreon
Thanks for purchasing and supporting Redrobot3D!

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Gorgeous!  5-star rating from me!  :horny:
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Thank you very much for picking it up! I hoping that it does well here so I can warrant doing more mini softcore sets like these monthly.
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Check out the rest of the comic when you can!
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Her huge boobs are the part she works out the most. :D
Redrobot3D's avatar
She has a special workout just for them!
s-incubus's avatar
I found it, bought it and loved it :love: very nice set ;)
Redrobot3D's avatar
Thank you very much!
s-incubus's avatar
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