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Scenes from Troop 966 Part 4 :iconredro:RedRo 1 51
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Black Swan pt.2 :iconredro:RedRo 2 11
Wings and Stings
It was an odd thing for him to suddenly awaken in this small glass prison that was actually a clear jar; the top screwed on tight with holes poked in it to allow air. He looked out and saw other similar prisons just like his own and he could not remember how he got there or why... and oddly he did not really care.
There was simply no existence before this point, being trapped in this place, watching other fantastical looking beings nearby, equally trapped and watching the huge giant in the white lab coat move around in the cavern between the many jar lined shelves. They watched as the giant would occasionally stop and pick up one of the 'prisons', even his own sometimes; taking one away to a scary place behind a massive door or bringing someone new. He watched with fear at the times when his own prison was picked up, as that huge ugly face came close, those studying and gleeful dark eyes looking at him behind very thick coke bottle glasses. He knew somehow that this giant was a 'human'
:iconredro:RedRo 8 46
Mature content
Black Swan :iconredro:RedRo 3 6
Mature content
Scenes from Troop 966 Part 3 :iconredro:RedRo 0 640
Mature content
Rain behind the Wall :iconredro:RedRo 4 333
Mature content
Scenes from Troop 966 Part 2 :iconredro:RedRo 0 263
Scenes from Troop 966
The newly assigned and assembled troop of 966 had departed BLU HQ early that morning and now awaited their arrival at the new base, which would not be for several more hours. The high-speed train carrying them having three small compartments in each of the two passenger cars, the other two cars full of supplies and equipment they would need. The newly acquired base was one of the furthest out of the designated battle zones, isolated and deep in the desert, it was not a plum assignment by any stretch of the imagination.
The higher ups at Builder League United were also experimenting a bit with their group, trying for a highly mobile hard hitting strike-force instead of the traditional team. Three Soldier, two Scouts, two Medics, one Spy, one Sniper and one Pyro, but no Demoman or Heavy. All of them having had some form of military background or training, even the two Scouts, 17 and 19 respectively, had been a part of a boot-camp program before BLU recruited them out of Juvenile Hall. Th
:iconredro:RedRo 5 159
Another Lovely Day
In three...Two...One
The large doors rolled open as BLU troop 966 and part of troop 656 blasted out, the members of the RED troop 382 doing the same across the way as chaos descended upon the battlefield. The two teams mixing it up, trying to get each others capture points and annihilate the other side while doing it.
Following a Blue soldier by the name of Burk around a building, Ulrich spotting the apposing Red Heavy and very short Medic making their way through an open area, the Heavy causing massive destruction with his gun, the Red Medic keeping a steady stream on him while wisely using him as a shield.
The two would make easy targets, but unfortunately the Snipers of either side were two busy taking pot shots at each other and having their own little Sniping war. The occasional crack of high powered rifles to be hear over head as well as the occasion name calling, a few times Ulrich could distinctly hear Drake bellow something.
Something about piss and someone named Cooper..
:iconredro:RedRo 3 253
Cure Part Four
There was a deathly still in the room, the tension of before was gone leaving a pregnant silence in its wake.
Rochus had never been one for flowery language, but he promised himself that soon Bruce would not see kindness from him as something strange and out of character as he gave the fingers intertwined with his own a firm squeeze. Watching as Bruce's eyes seem to light up from within at the pathetically simple act of affection, a heart-breakingly sweet smile now on the Australian's handsome face.
When the two finally became aware again, still holding hands, they noticed that Macklin and Alfons were gone, having slipped out earlier, leaving only the grey Medic still in the room. Who at the moment was taking advantage Alfons' absence and was sitting back leisurely smoking a cigarette, dark eyes lost in his own thoughts as he absently watched something across the room that only he could see.
Bruce's nose wrinkled and he frowned at the sight of the cigarette, not liking the smoke and kn
:iconredro:RedRo 4 121
Mature content
Sorrow meme- Drake :iconredro:RedRo 4 276
Mature content
Cure Part Two :iconredro:RedRo 4 8
Sorrow meme- Ulrich
Sorrow Meme- Ulrich
Drake was on loan to troop 262 out at battle zone 4-B for two weeks, until that troops’ Sniper was back from having some mods done, while the rest of troop 966 cooled their heels back at HQ. While they waited to see if their troop would get replacements or be officially disbanded, until then Ulrich was assigned a regular rotation in the HQ clinic. Working the Graveyard shift it was mostly quiet, usually only a few non life-threatening injuries a night, there were the occasional exception, though most only came in because it was absolutely necessary with something that couldn't wait to be addressed in the morning or of a more sensitive and personal nature.
It was some time past 2:00 morning in the quiet clinic, and with the exception of a Scout coming in with a strained wrist it had been dead. Ulrich was listening to the small radio in the back of the room as he finished wiping down the tables and doing an inventory of the supplies. Throwing the rag into a nearb
:iconredro:RedRo 3 17
Mature content
Blue :iconredro:RedRo 5 31
Mature content
TF2 OC Profile: Ulrich Fuchs :iconredro:RedRo 6 159
Mature content
TF2 OC Profile: Drake Agnew :iconredro:RedRo 3 24


Narrowly Avoided Gift
"It appears zhat ve have been banned from the kitchen." Alfons blinked in confusion at Ulrich's declaration and he turned to look at him, both eyebrows raised. The Medic had just been about to enter the kitchen when the pale man spoke up, reading a book as he sat at the table.
"Macklin und Drake insist zhat zhey are cooking us somezhing as a gift," Ulrich explained and Alfons paled at the very idea, sticking his tongue out.
"Oh Gott..."
"Mhm," Ulrich agreed with a nod, turning the page of his book.
"Zhey alvays put too many spices!"
"Your eyes vere vatering for a veek," Ulrich remembered.
"Ach, do nicht remind me!" Alfons cried.
"Vell...I am nicht sure if ve can escape," Ulrich said.
"...Do zhey know ve're out here?" Alfons asked.
"I am nicht sure," Ulrich consented, "Alfons, do you have an idea?"
"Oh ja!" Alfons nodded with a smile, taking his friend by the arm and gently pulling him out of his chair. "You just need to keep calm und...RUN!"
* * *
"Aw fuck
:iconjathis:Jathis 1 9
Gifted Gloves
"Oh zhose are such lovely gloves, Herr! Vhere on Earth did you get zhem?" Ulrich looked up from his reading and he removed his glasses, looking up at his fellow Medic looking down at him, a curly smile on the man's lips. He had seen the man before and although he had never spoken to him personally; Alfons had assured him that Jaeger was a friend and a very good (if a bit on the odd side) doctor.
Ulrich cocked an eyebrow as he noted the man's gaze focused on his gloves and he lowered his book and looked down at them with a shrug of his shoulders. "My friend Alfons made zhem for me a few Hanukkahs back," he said.
"Oh he did? He is such ein gutt artisan, ja? He makes such lovely gloves!"
"He makes other zhings," Ulrich reminded him.
"Ja, zhat is true but his GLOVES are mein favorite!" Jaeger said with a smile.
"You like gloves?" Ulrich asked in amusement.
"Oh ja! Look at zhese! Jaeger held up the gloves he was wearing, showing Ulrich how well-made they were and how nicely they fit. "Alfon
:iconjathis:Jathis 3 4
gold trimmed by len-yan gold trimmed :iconlen-yan:len-yan 11,520 352 Flowering by looooo Flowering :iconlooooo:looooo 953 95 Pina on the scout by hoschie Pina on the scout :iconhoschie:hoschie 1,363 114 Mawaru Penguin drum by anndr Mawaru Penguin drum :iconanndr:anndr 1,362 54 8787 by KariLiimatainen 8787 :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 1,028 46 Blackbird by Mezamero Blackbird :iconmezamero:Mezamero 26,948 1,290 457775 by aleksandra88
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It official! Starting tomorrow I only have one job.  THANK YOU!!! I finally quit my job at the cafe' and am now just working at my other job.

It was good money, but it was also killing me. -_-  I have literally never been so tired in my entire life and I hardly had any time to do anything. Thank Goddess my phone lets me scroll on tumbler occasionally or I would have gone insane!

Now I'm off to bed becouse I have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn.


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