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Emblem of the Premier of the New USSR



This is the Emblem of the Premier of the New USSR, who is currently Rik Latyeskov. The bottom text says "Premier of the New USSR Richard K. Latyeskov" in Russian. The Emblem is also featured as metal insignia and placed on the Premier's military cap and Ushanka.

Premier Rik Latyeskov has been the Head of State of the New USSR since 2024, leading the nation that he forged from the ashes of the 2nd Russian Civil War upon defeating the remnants of the Russian Reich, led by Fuhrer Viktor Karzhov. The people of the New USSR highly respect Latyeskov, and regard him as one of if not the greatest leader Russia has ever had. His Democratic Socialist ideology, Latyeskovism, has spread throughout the Eastern Hemisphere in the first half of the 21st Century, either by Soviet-reinforced Revolutions or all-out wars that brought down false-Socialist leaders, like Kim Jong-un in North Korea or the Maoists in China.

The New Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a secular, Democratic Socialist nation led by Premier Rik Latyeskov. The New USSR was formed from the aftermath of the 2nd Russian Civil War when General Secretary Rik Latyeskov and the 15 Governors of the Provisional Soviet Republics signed the Treaty of Reunification on Christmas Day of 2024, which officially reunified all former Soviet Republics. Their main ideology, Latyeskovism, is very widely supported throughout the nation, and although there are other parties in the government, the New CPSU has been the majority ever since the New USSR's formation. Thanks to Latyeskov's more lenient approach to Socialism, the New USSR has seen an astounding level of economic and military growth, thus becoming the only remaining superpower in the wake of the 2nd Great Depression that struck back in 2016.
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