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Does mowgli have a birth name?
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It's never confirmed in the book, but it's hinted at that the name his birth mother gave him was Nathoo.
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This is absolutely amazing
Kodimarto's avatar
Well done on this extremely well detailed and beautiful picture. :) the background looks so real too.:clap:
Rogue98's avatar
The REAL Jungle book, not Disney's crap
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This wonderful work has been featured in my journal: [link]
Frog and Grey Brother RULE!

waltb2b's avatar
fur and water = the hardest to draw effectively. Great job on Mowgli - Kipling would be proud. Great work!
RedreevGeorge's avatar
hank you for such a good review!
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That's amazing... well done man... beautiful scenery
Zutyn's avatar
О, у тебя тоже тема с волком и водопадом ))
Там лисий хвост что-ли?
RedreevGeorge's avatar
Да я уже понял что лажанулся(((( Почему то всегда казалось, что у тигра белый кончик на хвосте(((
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Так ведь лиса не хуже тигра )
RedreevGeorge's avatar
хуже(( идея теряется!!! Лиса бессмысленный образ((
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really excellent blend of scenery, animal n human action
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This is a great piece
MitsukaiAmeterashi's avatar
That's a gorgeous painting. :D
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