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I'm a vagabond illustrator. I love drawing children's books, comics, monster girls, and the occasional smut. I'm a bit shy but I always respond to journal comments and notes!

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merry christmas :) and happy new year ^^
Thank you, happy belated holidays to you too! 
Your art is cool. My respect!!
Now that I am actually at a laptop to appropriately comment on things...
Omg, I found you this morning, and your art style and colors make me drool *-*
Then I saw your comics and just...more drool xD

Your art and concepts are really inspiring - I hope to make a webcomic(s) for fun someday (but right now gotta college, lol)
Thank you so much! I feel there's still so much for me to learn, so when I hear someone likes what I'm currently doing it resonates with me. I hope to host a webcomic workshop someday too (though I think I need a bit more experience first) 
Ooooh, a workshop sounds like an awesome idea. It'd be amazing to learn how you make your compositions. I'll have to keep my eye out for that if you do decide to do it - but no pressure of course
I know I've got a good bit to learn, and I think finding role models is a good step in the process ;) (Wink)
Aww thanks! I might make free tutorials but then offer personal critiques on patreon, I'm not sure yet so if you have any ideas in mind feel free to let me know in the mean time. :)