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Tastes like Dead



I was afraid I would never finish this xDD;;
The daunting task of making a whole bed of petals for Vix to lie in... Well, to be honest, I copped out and used an image, then just painted a few more in so it looked like she was lying in them. I don't think it went over well, buuuuut I'm still happy with it?


Anyways, this of course is fanart for :iconhchan:
If I recall correctly, she has a thing for making her characters vomit flowers... And I kind of was intrigued by it, so I took a stab at it! ...can't say it ended up the focus, right...? WHYDOIFAILSOHARD. ;A;
But since Vix is half Vampire, I thought maybe the flowers she'd pull out of herself would be partially dead too... I know she's not classified as a vampire either butbutbut....!! akhnralihraleionase
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This is pretty awesome work, I'm reminded of American Beauty somewhat and that's a good thing...