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Soul Feelings

Get it? 8D;;
'Cause originally... Vix is an dhampir... Who feels other people's feelings and whatnot... And now I drew her as a succubus. Who steals men souls/semen? No? Just me.

I'm still rolling around in a semi-art block. I liked this when I sketched it, but as I colored it I went back to not know wtf I was doing.

I bet Arianna hates me to death since I keep drawing her daughter doing naughty things. OH HOHOHO~

Vix is from [ dream*scar ] and belongs to:
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Saw this featured on [dream*scar]. Nice work ^^
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Oh dang I love how her hair looks kinda banshee/ghosty like @_@ I love her horns too!! They're so cute xD~ And her stockingssss the laceee ghfgfgdfjghdfj

Maann now I wanna draw this succy vix ;_; She's so hot. THANK YOUUFOSddsaafbv
Succy Vix...? That sounds naughty in and of itself...
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And yes, I tried very hard to throw some elements of cute so it's still kind of normal Vix? xD;
Dat laceeeeee~
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i really like the pose, i like very much the details on the hair, love how her hip is lifting so very sensual, i think the tiny wings look kinda cute love very much her outfit and legs :)
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Thank you very much! :3
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^_^you´re welcome
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