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Hellion II

Re-design of previous gunblade design.

Hellion Gunblade by artofVolkov 
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Of the two, I think I prefer the original, which I'd love to see in this size and quality. This one certainly has a more effective blade, but it's size and length compared to the rest of the gun make it seem off. Plus, the original Hellion had a top-break, and I just have a soft spot for top-breaks. Maybe if the barrel were as long as the blade I'd be more keen on it, with the short barrel and long blade it seems a bit, off balanced to me. It's beautiful, and I love the engraving, but just the length and style of the first seems to capture my heart more than this one does.
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I went through a few different silhouettes with the barrel at the full length but i liked the shape of this better. The old version was an unrealistic and unpractical gun that wouldn't work in reality. I wanted something that would work. Perhaps i will do a few versions of this one and revamp the old. Thanks for your thoughts :D
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The first design was better looking, though the blade on this on is more useful, all in one's tastes though.
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