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NagnetoHobbyist Writer
It would be more accurate to call it a witch as a warlock is her male counterpart.
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thank you.  I was going to bring up the same point
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What is that thing in her head?
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Oh, that's just her brain. Lol.
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WcreatesStudent Interface Designer
interesting... Great work ! I like it. :)
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Fact: The term "Warlock" is actually the male equivelent for "Witch"
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ByCatAndCrowHobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually, the word "witch" is a derivative of the Old English words "wicca" (pronounced "witch-ah", a male witch) and "wicce" (pronounced "witch-ay", a female witch). The word "witch" is the common syllable between the two, and henceforth is and always has been a gender-neutral term. When the word became modernized for modern English, the two roots were abandoned by our language, but the meaning remained the same. A witch is a practitioner of witchcraft, plain and simple. The word "warlock" is a mixture of Old English, Scottish, and Northern English, and comes from the word "wærloga" which just referred to a person who broke from the Church, and then became synonymous with the word "witch" amongst the common folk, since witches were also seen as people who rejected the Church. And since magic was seen as a diabolical act (diabolical: from the word "diablo" meaning "deivil/demon") that was also against the church, the two words were clumped together into synonymous boxes. It's a highly fascinating topic, actually!
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KrusttyhBenyhStudent Traditional Artist
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I really love that picture, especially because she doesn't look too much trained as if she were a warrior or something. She does look really soft though she wears skulls etc. =)
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Thats a nice warlock!
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Amazing, what was your inspiration for the piece? if i may be so bold to ask.
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I like it, but the helm just doesn't feel right in my opinion. 4/5 though! : )
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Freaky. Incredible detail, but still freaky
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SkyeTrinityHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Truly stunning overall design.
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the head piece is great...but she looks shes a stripper or something....i know it must have taken a long time on the head but....

thumbs down for lazyness :<
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I have but one reaction...

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That be some badass Tier Gear lol
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greenday579xHobbyist Digital Artist
lol i thought the same
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Badass!!! Great work!
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very nicce colour ! specially for the skin
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surthurProfessional Digital Artist
haha , lovely claws at well :3

whats the background to this picture ? Project related work ?
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