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Is that based off of Zoro
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hi i'm making a trading card game and i was wondering if i could use this drawing for a card i will give credit where it is deserved and plus its a easy way to spread your art plus you can still use them for your project the card game is called Paragon Galaxy the concept is a galaxy built where all these worlds exist for the perfect galaxy . The galaxy will grow and grow until this perfection is formed
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Wow I love your art style... the hands are fantastic and love the ruins.
One thing that could be better is the angle of the hilt in comparison to the sword. It isn't quite straight however, the colors just pop and this is over all a fantastic piece of art.
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Hello! This beautiful piece has been featured here: [link]
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Nice one, dude!
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O.o looks like zoro heheh
great detail, i love the sword
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That's me. >_>
Nice work :)

This guy looks like Zoro, from One Piece (three swords, green hair...), and I love it :P
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is that zoro from one piece?!
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That bunny reminded me of Angel for a second.
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really good dude.
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well done man, the bunny makes me laugh a little bit I hope he doesn't walk into his way and get kicked/sliced in half.

I was wondering though if you would allow me to use this image in the trading card game I am working on; I will give full credit to you if you allow me to use the picture. I will not use this image unless you give permission of course. If you have any questions just post a comment here or email me at
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I see some features in the swordsman that my own character shares, as well. Too bad I can't draw, though, since this REALLY makes me want to draw him! :(
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xD I love the bunnie at the that his biggest enemy? o.o
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save the bunny!! 0w0
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I really like the jade looking statue. Great feel.
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I feel bad for the rabbit but then again if it was a Final Fantasy rabbit no matter how bad that guy is the rabbit would probably win. I love the character. The weapons look great and the background is great.
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ITS GOT BIG SHARP POINTY TEETH!!! (i know im a dork im sorry)
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it can jump like....just look at the BONES!!!!
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