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Dragon War

By redpeggy
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Dragon War
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CruxScafordHobbyist General Artist
The only kind of war that should be supported...
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KyleKayhosProfessional Digital Artist
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The elf behind the woman is like: "Forget the war, look at dat epic ass"
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balefyrenProfessional General Artist
Wooooooow!! Just wooow!
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pizdUrRartStudent Digital Artist
This guy on the right is like "OMG dat Ass!!!"
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its a gal...
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DjWontonHobbyist Digital Artist
lesbian? you never know!
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This is amazing.. Absolutely love it!!
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great art
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ArrentKnaveHobbyist General Artist
This picture has an amazing sense of scale, and it's very intricate without loosing quality. And y'know, everything's better with dragons. Kudos.
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milenkoxxHobbyist Artist
oh wow. thats soo good.
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ShanaFlameHobbyist General Artist
The art is simply gorgeous, you must have put a lot of effort into creating that :) definitely deserve more favs :P
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BlackBirdyPoeHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really cool because I'm in this Rp with my friends where there is about to be a war between dragons and humans. I'm on the dragon's side. All my friends are on the Human's side. I'm loyal to the end, though.
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Neil-MacleodHobbyist General Artist
Very Nice!
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ArelychanHobbyist Traditional Artist
yo me iría por la chica y no por el dragón ni el honor de pelear en la guerra, eso me transmite su obra xD
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flat out epic
TheLegendWeaver's avatar
Massive Armies- Check
Badass Dragon-Check
Hot Magical Chick- Check
Pure Epicness- Check

You young warrior are win
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awesome colors. very epic
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CHARGE!!! Lol, love this ;)
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deathlygreyStudent Writer
its epic
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