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Random Favourites

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Since Season 6 of Death Battle is coming,I want to celebrate with a Death Battle of my favorites. Pick your favortie (Or Comment on a different fight) 

10 deviants said Green Lantern (DC) vs Nova (Marvel)
10 deviants said Red Hood (DC) vs Adam Taurus (RWBY)
9 deviants said Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) vs Gwenpool (Marvel)
6 deviants said White Tiger (Marvel) vs Alyssa Enrile (Power Rangers) -Remake-
6 deviants said Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy) vs Dillon (Power Rangers)
5 deviants said Spider-Man 2099 (Marvel) vs Strider Hiryu (Capcom)
4 deviants said Emerald Sustrai (RWBY) vs Rena Rouge (Miraculous Ladybug)
3 deviants said Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia) vs Cassandra Cain (DC)
2 deviants said Mira Nova (Buzz Lightyear) vs Shadowcat (Marvel)
1 deviant said Thor Girl (Marvel) vs Mary Marvel (DC)
Hey Everyone! The time is here! Here is where you ask me for a Request,Art Trade or Commissions. Here are the rules:

  • RequestsYou can ask me anything ether for the series that I'm focusing on or something else and be sure to have a drawing or a picture of a character that I'm going to draw,unless it's a character I already know then I'll just google it. (Note: I will not do Death Battle requests)
  • Art TradesWe can discuss back and forth in notes about what we can draw,be sure to title it "Art Trade" so I can know which is which. (which you will see next)
  • CommissionsYou must note me in "Commissions" and you must pay in points or by PayPal (My PayPal Account - -) we'll discuss the price of the Commission itself.

Here's the series that I'll main focus on (so far):  Sailor Moon by RedPegasus237 Miraculous-Ladybug-Logo-miraculous-ladybug-3900678 by RedPegasus237Steven Universe logo by RedPegasus237 RWBY logo red by RedPegasus237Fairy Tail by RedPegasus237Kingdom Hearts wordmark the third game of the seri by RedPegasus2372000px-International Pokmon logo.svg by RedPegasus237Logo Code Lyoko by RedPegasus2372000px-Final Fantasy wordmark.svg by RedPegasus2372000px-Naruto logo.svg by RedPegasus2371024px-Sonic logo by RedPegasus237 C01c079b37fcc6aeb4eb7a7c58d7fedc by RedPegasus237Logo by RedPegasus237Power rangers logo by RedPegasus237IF0dVuY by RedPegasus237Akame-ga-kill-545cf4a0459a1 by RedPegasus237Dragon-ball-z-logo by RedPegasus237Fire Emblem series logo by RedPegasus237Boku no Hero Academia Logo by RedPegasus237LittleWitchAcademiaLogo by RedPegasus237Latest by RedPegasus237Sly Cooper Logo Vector By Enverse-d6l9esg by RedPegasus237640 by RedPegasus2372000px-Zelda Logo.svg by RedPegasus2372 by RedPegasus237Latest by RedPegasus237Mass Effect logo by RedPegasus2377a6a3ae7-3175-4c3e-9686-0cb8e48319c8 by RedPegasus237KLK logo by RedPegasus2378ae471db817981dfca848d88e6613770f2398c55 by RedPegasus237Persona 5 logo by RedPegasus237Fate stay night logo by RedPegasus237Land of the lustrous by RedPegasus237Shantae logo by RedPegasus237Darkstalkers logo by urbinator17-d5a2u3p by RedPegasus237BlazBlue Logo by RedPegasus237mChNbuQ by RedPegasus237 390d5720-a42b-4500-b81d-df8e836b47f7 by RedPegasus23736a7c780-a656-485a-a111-1205e86b28a8 by RedPegasus237Logo-Splatoon Wii U English by RedPegasus237Totally Spies - logo (English) by RedPegasus2372000px-Teen Titans show logo.svg by by RedPegasus237pbT6l by RedPegasus237Assassins-creed-logo-png-transparent by RedPegasus237No More Heroes- Heroes' Paradise logo by RedPegasus237The Powerpuff Girls logo.svg by RedPegasus237 (

 You'll be surprised of what I can do with those)

  • As for the Teen Titans and Powerpuff Girls,I will never use those terrible Reboots
  • I do not draw NFSW stuff or....whatever that means
  • If I don't like the idea or don't think it's going to work,I have the right to refuse that request.


Trevor Ghelfi
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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I started doing artwork when I was very young,but I made it into my profession (or job) when I was 18 years old and my dream is: To become the Greatest Artist Ever. And even though it's going to be hard and they're many great artists out there,but I will never give up on my dream and I'll keep making more art pieces and no one shall ever shatter my dream.

I have been dianogsed with Asperger's Syndrome (Autisum) when I was 3 years and I still have it to this day but I'm always a very nice person and a gentleman. :)

My Specialty is Death Battle (even though I do lots of other artwork)

Alias: The Blacksmith of RWBY

Predictably, Fantards Are At It Again by Mintaka-TK

Death Battle Trinity: Myself,:iconfail-seeker::iconomnicidalclown1992:

Big Sister-:iconwingzerogirl20:

Little Sister-:iconjewellofsilence::iconkyuubivictoria::iconrainbowmewmew13:

Best DA Friends-:iconbleached-potato:,:iconlimetiger711:,:iconsailortrekkie92:

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Current Residence: San Jose,California U.S.A
Favorite style of art: Anime/Manga
Favorite Quotes: "I do like cute things,but I got the heart,soul and courage of a warrior" "You may think the problem is impossible,but to me,nothing is impossible"



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Thank you so much for the favourite on Kairi - Make-up Test
It's very much appreciated! ♥

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This is an idea I hope you do:  Static vs. Cole MacGrath by OmnicidalClown1992
RedPegasus237 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:omg: I've been looking for this fight for years!!
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Think you might do it sometime? :)
RedPegasus237 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hell yeah!!

plus I love the Static Shock cartoon
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