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:star: EN::
Here you found our wonderful team. We are there for you if there is any mistake or problems around the group for to fix them. So feel free to contact us whenever you have questions about the group, RedPassion and her work. We try our best to help you as soon as possible. So please note that we all have a real life or don't look at DA all the time and can't answer you in the next three seconds. ;)
Contact plz at: PirateFairy,Felixuta,MiraVoldemort,balba-bunny,Kiyomi-chan16 und Ankhes

:star: GER::
Hier findest du unser wunderbares Team. Wir sind für dich da, wenn es irgendwelche Problem oder Unklarheiten rund um die Gruppe geben sollte. Sprich, solltest du also bestimmte Fragen bezüglich der Gruppe oder RedPassion und ihre Arbeiten haben, fühl dich frei dich mit uns in Kontakt zu setzten. Wir werden unser Bestes versuchen, das Problem so schnell es geht nach zukommen. Aber bitte nicht vergessen, das jeder von uns auch sein privates Leben besitzt und man nicht immer in der Lage ist in binne drei Sekunden zu antworten. ;)
:bulletred:Kontak in Deutsch bitte an: Hizukeksch


:bulletyellow: 1.) Be polite and respectful when you're communicating with others in the group.
So no flames, laughs, hate-comments, haters-art!!!, bulling or any other form of being rude. We won't tollerate it either when you don't make these comments in public but send a private message and this is reported to us.

2.) For Uploading FAs:

I. You have to be a member of this group.
So if you aren't yet, push the „Join the group button“ and become an RedPassion supporter ^.^

II. Name is program
Members are just allowed to sub. RedPassion related art. E.g like Wallpapers, stamps, Banner, ect. made out of her drawings or Fanart to her OC Emily Brown and her king Louis XVI. and beloved Potionmaster or also to her OC Ylondra and her love Bilbo Baggins.








Journal Entry: Fri Mar 3, 2017, 10:00 AM

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Babbu Cat by Lanmana

To DO List!
  • Private Bagginshield
  • Private John/Greg


//UPDATE - Pls read and consider...//

*Sigh* Well I really really hate to act like this, but I'm afraid I have no other chance (again) than to remember the internet-world anew on something...
So this is a lil and quick reminder and I beg you very kindly ::::

No reposts on Instagram or on any other website without my explicit permission OR from my Instagram Artist page through a repost app! If you want fav/like/reblog/share my art on other communities take a look on my others sites/accounts and give proper credits if I''m not there!

The same counts for this points/things::
- All the commission arts I bought of my ships esp EmilyxSnape!!! DO NOT USE IT FOR THE SAME THINGS I mentioned above too!
- Please don't CUT IT FOR YOUR AVATAR AS WELL!!!!! (Because you'll cut off my signature/watermark for it!)

Just cause an artist share her/his art on the internet/ tumblr/ Instagram/Facebook doesn't give you the right to use it just like that!
Especially if those people on tumblr have their ask-box closed, or ignore you on Instagram and keep doing/posting -.-
You're still free to share it the normal way (so to reblog it from my Artist site e.g on Facebook NOT REPOST!), BUT - and I will repeat it - NOT FOR YOUR ACCOUNTS AND PROFILES!!!
There is also always a way to contact me through my different accounts. But beware that I will declined such requests mostly because I simply don't like such things!
If you continue and in this case, if I will find it out, I will report it after I will give one try to contact him/her. I'm sorry! I don't want to sound rude or anything, I just ask you, as said, kindly to respect it.

Respect the Artist ~ <3
Thanks for your attention!

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This is just a little group for all of those who are fan's of RedPassion's :iconredpassion: work! <3
Her work is beautiful, and she definitely deserves a fan group!

If you ask yourself why this fangroup is a nice additional to the normal devianwatch of the artist, then take a look at the 'Fan Works' folder. Plus that her role playing partner submit common Cosplay photos, too. So you not only find her own drawings, photos and manipulations, but pieces of other artists, too.
If you're not just a fan of her drawing style but also of her pairings, then you don't miss a piece here related to them.
Or you just can show that you are a RedPassionFan ;)

Just a little group history:
PirateFairy founded the group on December the 14th 2010
RedPassion&KozmotisPitchiner joined on December the 15th 2010 as new Co-Founders
AnneJarjayes joined on December the 25th 2010 as new Contributor
balba-bunny joined on May the 14th 2011as new Contributor
Orangenbluete joined on January the 29th 2012 as new Contributor
Ankhes joined on April the 16th 2012 as new Contributor
Felixuta joined on April the 24th 2012 as new Contributor
Kiyomi-chan16 joined on April the 26th 2012 as new Contributor
FlemmliAliveOnPV joined on April the 27th 2012 as new Contributor
MiraVoldemort joined on May the 1st 2012 as new Contributor
50 Members on May the 30th 2011
100 Members on May the 1st 2012
150 Members on June the 20th 2012
50 Watchers on March the 3rd 2011
100 Watchers on December the 22th 2011
150 Watchers on May the 2nd 2012

A bit about the artist herself:
She was born on March the 16th 1982 in Germany and speaks three languages: German, English and French. Both as child and as adult she was and is a total Disney fan, especially the movie 'The little Mermaid' was her favourite, because she loved Arielle. (Ohhh now I see, where her passion for red hair is coming from :D)
She started with sketches about 1999-2000, and a year later she drew her first portrait she ever made, of Spock from 'Star Trek - The Original Series' and this was also the first piece, she released online. More portraits of 'Hannibal the Cannibal' and Agent Clarice Starling (The godmother of her nickname Clarice ;) ) followed in 2003, 'Lord of the Rings' art in 2004. This was also the birth year of her first OC Ylondra and the doujinshi 'Time' with her and Bilbo Baggins and in april she became a Deviant.
Right after that she drew 'Lady Oscar' related art and began to assimilate the anime style. During this time she also took the first look behind the story of 'The Rose of Versailles' and started to study French history, especially the life of King Louis XVI and his family.
Around 2006 to 2007 she created her OC Emily Brown as part of an RPG with her friends. This was the first version of her and the pairing with Louis was born in the story named: 'Roses of different Times'
In the following years she made many drawings for her own projects, but also for friends and their OCs.
In 2010 she came in touch with the Burton movie 'Alice in Wonderland (2010)' and became instantly a fan of the fanon (nearly canon :XD:) pairing Alice and Tarrant. She started a RPG with another friend, called 'I'll always come back to you' and wrote a very popular German fanfiction called "Alice in Wonderland 2 - Der Erbe der weißen Königin' (The heir of the White Queen).
In the same year she became more fascinated by the character Severus Snape of the 'Harry Potter' series because of the same friend she shared her AiW love and they started another RPG: 'The Beauty and The Bat'. And because it just started as some kind of a crack pairing she used again her OC Emily Brown with some modifications. By now it's her most popular OC x canon pairing and beside her history study her biggest project.

But however how many new characters and pairings she loves and supports, how many resistance she has experienced, she will never stop her work and love.
We hope that her fans will follow her on her way and support her, too.

If you want more informations about Clarice, then visit her main page here on dA or take a look at her FAQs:…

Of this group
Is split
Many ways:
To PirateFairy
To KozmotisPitchiner
To AnneJarjayes
To balba-bunny
To Orangenbluete
To Kiyomi-chan16
To: Felixuta
To: MiraVoldemort
To: TarmaHartley
To: Greenyfoxy
To: Hizukeksch
And to you.
If you have
With :iconredpassion:
Until the

Gallery Folders

The last Unicorn by RedPassion
Now that I'm a women by RedPassion
In the sea by RedPassion
Roses de Versailles by RedPassion
RedPassion's Work - Roses of different Times
Joyeux anniversaire mon amour! 2019 by RedPassion
Comtesse de La Motte-Valois by RedPassion
LO Christmas Chibis 2018 by RedPassion
Lady Oscar - Dans le reve by RedPassion
RedPassion's Work - Kingsman - Hartwin
Hartwin - Shall We Dance by RedPassion
Kingsman Winter Couples by RedPassion
Christmans Kingsman Chibis by RedPassion
Hartwin - Forever and Always by RedPassion
RedPassion's Work -Sherlock BBC
Mystrade Potterlock Commish by RedPassion
Blue Fish by RedPassion
JOHN by RedPassion
RedPassion's Work - Alice in Wonderland 2010
Talice - Finally you did stay by RedPassion
Talice - One last kiss... by RedPassion
Talice - Timeless Love LAs by RedPassion
AlicexTarrant - 2016 WIP by RedPassion
RedPassion's Work - TIME-BilboxYlondra

Mature Content

Bilbo+Ylondra - At the Fireplace by RedPassion
Ylondra - Queen of Time and Space by RedPassion
Ylondra Fan Stamp by RedPassion
YlondraxBilbo - Sweet Chibi Kiss 2 by RedPassion
RedPassion - Hobbit LOTR Artwork
Bagginshield - You and I by RedPassion
Thranduil+Legolas - Most precious Treasure by RedPassion

Mature Content

Thranduil ~ Sexy Red by RedPassion
Thranduil ~ Sexy Red CU by RedPassion
RedPassions Cherik Artwork
Cherik - My Life My Everything by RedPassion
Cherik Narnia AU by RedPassion
Cherik - Personal Training by RedPassion
Cherik - Haendchen halten by RedPassion
RedPassions Pushing Daisies Nolive Artwork
Nolive ~ Our Lullaby by RedPassion
Nolive - You are my Sunshine by RedPassion
Nolive Doodles by RedPassion
Pushing Daisies - On the other side by RedPassion
RedPassion's Work - EmilyxSeverus AU's
EmilyxSeverus - Two Hearts - One Soul by RedPassion
RedPassion's work to Severus Snape
Severus Snape by RedPassion
RedPassion's work - Alan Rickman
Your Light will shine Forever! by RedPassion
RedPassion's work - Harry Potter
Newt and Frank - I'll miss you too by RedPassion
RedPassion's Work - EmilyxSeverus-Detention

Mature Content

Severus+Emily-Detention-Page2 by RedPassion
RedPassion's Work - Misc.
Christopher Robin by RedPassion
RedPassions' work - Memes
Art Summary 2016 by RedPassion
The Beauty and the Bat Fanfiction

Mature Content

EmilyxSeverus Cosplay
New headmaster looks ahead [make-up test] by KozmotisPitchiner
EmilyxSeverus and their children FanWork
Kiss on forehead - Candy and Albert by SilviaGalasso
EmilyxLouisXVI FanWork
Emily and Louis - At the Window by hinomars19 by RedPassion
Just Emily Fanwork
Emily FanArt by ArcticPoison
Penny Dreadful - Liohn FanArt
Trade - Ophelia and John by justsantiago
Just Ophelia and Aron
Gift - Ophelia by Cranash64
YlondraxBilbo Fanart
Ylondra And Bilbo by AnneMarie1986
AlicexTarrant Fanwork
Dream Me Away by PirateFairy
Random Fanwork
The Grestest Showman by RedPassion
Contest Entries Emily Brown and her men
He was murdered by FidisART
Christmas Contest 2012
Christmas Card - snemily contest by lelewigg


The party by MizzLolita The party :iconmizzlolita:MizzLolita 3 5 Ikeda fan meme by MizzLolita Ikeda fan meme :iconmizzlolita:MizzLolita 7 4 Emily's nightmare by MizzLolita Emily's nightmare :iconmizzlolita:MizzLolita 3 15 Louis XVI Style by Elbereth-de-Lioncour Louis XVI Style :iconelbereth-de-lioncour:Elbereth-de-Lioncour 19 2 RedPassion- Dev ID by sparticus42 RedPassion- Dev ID :iconsparticus42:sparticus42 7 6 More than a ring... by KaneUsagi More than a ring... :iconkaneusagi:KaneUsagi 9 24 I can hear your heart beat by GorgeousMistake I can hear your heart beat :icongorgeousmistake:GorgeousMistake 7 11 Even in death... by GorgeousMistake Even in death... :icongorgeousmistake:GorgeousMistake 9 3 Alice in Wonderland by Vanhia Alice in Wonderland :iconvanhia:Vanhia 193 44


:cantdonate: by Yo-Bonewire-BoyPlease help us to get this group to a SuperGroup <3 :cantdonate: by Yo-Bonewire-Boy… :star:

Our dear partners:::

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