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Hey sweeties,

After I told you about our lil trip to London and that I (we) had the chance to met Mr Alan Rickman himself and after I sadly missed to get a photo of him I lucky found now some other picture of the way he looks now and the way I met him on Saturday 9th June XDD
These picture are now from Monday 11th and 14th June but he still looks the same... and honestly... the beard looks soooo weird ^^;

June 11th 2012: Alan Rickman raising hand with "For Luca" written in his handpalm: this gesture and the inscription in the Palm of your hand "For Luca" is the support of a small boy named Luca, who after an infectious disease lost both legs. "Charity For Luca" raises funds for prostheses for him. ~Adm. Alan Rickman.

Alan Rickman visits Park Theatre building sight.. click link for the story. ~Adm. Alan Rickman.
**notice: look at Mr.Rickman's shoes... isn't that cuuuute XDDD**
The whole article::…

So yeah thats the way I saw him too, but with me his beard was a bit stronger X°°D So yeah I prefer him without...BUT I wouldn't refused anyway ;P


Sooo hey guys,

as you can see/read I'm back from London and well what should I say...? YEAH IT WAS THE BEST TRIP OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! (at least until now XD)
Why? That, I will tell you later here in my entry. :D
We started our trip on Thursday last week at 3A.M cause our bus drove at almost 6A.M. We were so dead! XD And slept almost the whole way to London til we arrived the ferry from Calais to Dover and after finally 13H we've arrived at our hotel (thx god -.-). We were dead, we were hungry and we wanted to see the city!
So we took the overground at East Croydon to Victoria Station and went to the Piccadilly circus for to find the next best McDonalds.

During our journey there XDDD :iconannejarjayes: and myself...;P

And here we are on the ferry. My girls Anne, Sara and I XD


I must admit that the british fast food restaurants are much better than the german one. Much more service and much more nicer.^^" I also starred to love the very yummy onion-rings and chicken Mc-nuggets box, of course, german people haven't... so.... X°D  
After that we went to china town, just for looking around but also to make a wish. Cause one of my girls told me that you have to make a wish on every ´gate-entry/exit´ , to touch it and it will be come true. Of course we just did this just4fun cause... - come on, who really believe in this silly games actually? Huh?
We also began to buy some of our souvenirs there and postcards (which more and more arrived, right Vogelfreyh ? ;P)

More pictures::::

Our next morning began as early as before even if it was 5A.M than 3. XD Take a shower and all these stuff and then down to breakfast.
Well I must admit that, even if my dad is british, I def. don't like those beans in tomato sauce (:puke: ) and that kind of "liver"-sausages... O.O*brrrrr...>.<* NO, sorry, sir! :S BUT yes, I loved the breakfast ham/Bacon and yeah also the chips and mushrooms in the morning XD I had the impression to eat breakfast and lunch/dinner at the same time XD I think my german site refused me to get the whole ´strange´ taste for breakfast. No offence! I'm sure other will think the same about the germans and our/there habits at breakfast XD. ;)
So after we were strengthened we took the same overground like on the day before for to visit the most famous Madame Ttussauds. It was really amazing there *_*
Check the next pictures out :D

Me and Colin Firth :love:

Mr Tom Hanks and me on our way to the next premier XDDd Aren't we look great together XD? ;P

With Audrey Hepburn

More:: The Royals -
Johnny Depp -
Oscar Wild -
Sir Sean Connery -
Patrick Stewart -
John Travolta -
Whoopi Goldberg und Robin Williams -
Steven Spielberg und Drew Barrymore -
Christina Aguilera -
Michael Jackson -
The Beatles -
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine -
And (maybe) Harry... Potter... alias Daniel Radcliffe -
Kate Winslet -
Leonardo DiCaprio -

Waiting for the 4D cinema at MT

And of course I also find my darling Louis XVI. there. :dance Sadly the austrian **** was there too, but well who cares? XD



It maybe looks a bit strange and unrealistic on the photos, BUT believe me it does looks sooo much like my darling its really unbelievable!!! *__* Ok, no surprise when MT herself made the death-mask of his so handsome face and kept it to bring it to London...^^""" The body, the hair, the clothes aren't that right and doesn't fits that well. Also not his size. Louis was 1,94cm and the figure wasn't ^^""" BUT he got a lil sweet sexy belly XDDD And the face... THAT face....!!!!!!:iconbegplz:

and for all who wondered why Louis and the royal family is there, here is the reason why::

1761: Madame Tussaud is born Marie Grosholtz in Strasbourg.
1777: Marie models the famous author and philosopher, Francois Voltaire.
1780: Marie becomes art tutor to King Louis XVI's sister Madame Elizabeth and goes to live at the Royal Court in Versailles
1789: On the eve of The French Revolution, Marie returns to Paris
1793: Marie is imprisoned with her mother in the notorious Laforce Prison, Paris. On her release she is forced to prove her allegiance to the Revolution by making death masks of executed nobles and her former employers, the King and Queen.
1794: The French Revolution ends and Marie inherits Dr Philippe Curtius' wax exhibition.
1795: Marie marries Francois Tussaud


And that wasn't everything... after MT I've git the chance to meet on of my soo sweet friends here on DA!!!! :D
My dear sweet :iconhinomars19:!!!!! :dance:
We spend some hours together in a lil café and just talked the whole time. Guys I can tell you he is such a sweetheart and absolutely kind and polite!!! A true lil gentleman :D What a pity I totally forgot to make a picture with us ;__; well well.. I will be back as soon as possible.. and then.... :evillaugh:
But yes, thank you Philip for this great afternoon!!!! :hug: It was a wonderful pleasure to meet you!!! Even my german accent was that worse in your ears XDDD

Me at the Disney Store Oxford Street

And then it was Saturday...
And this day I won't forget for the rest of my life!! Cause on this day we've planed to go in the Notting Hill Market and to the Eaton Place house of the old series - Upstairs Downstairs -  before we've had to check up something else of mine and BOOOOOOOM it happened!!!!!
I know some of you know will say, that they won't believe what I'm going to tell now, BUT it is true. It really happened!
I (WE) MET ALAN RICKMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't kidding!!! He was on his way with Rima and two others (another couple) to enter a taxi. I'm not sure anymore who the other guys was but I mean it looked like David Yates the director of the last 4 HP movies.. BUT as said I'm not that sure anymore cause Alan caught me totally. Especially cause I stood before with my back in his direction and one of my best friends (the lil one with the black glasses) ´asked´ me - "Ummm isn't that Alan, is it?". So I turned myself around and at firs I thought... - Nooo... Oo?! But then I realized that it was him!!!! Now I sadly must admit that he looked a bit, well....extremely untidy and with a strong (2week or more) beard^^; Both of course grey...  Breads are terrible XD Especially on him. So at the first moment it was a bit difficult to recognize him as said....^^""
Everything goes so quickly that we just arrived to got close to the taxi where Rima and Co. got in and the only words we (he and I )shared where (after my girls where a bit rash of getting close to him)::
I :"Hello, Mr Rickmam. I'm sorry, but how are you, sir?" *panic mood*
He smiled at me and said :"Hi, not at all. Fine, but I'm sorry too. Bye bye"
And then he/the taxi left.
I can't believe it for the first seconds and also not when we moved on to the market!!!!!!!! I was totally flashed!! XD Just later I said to Sara - "OMFG my wish... It came true! OMG OMG OMG!!! I really met Alan Rickman!!!! :iconsqueeeeplz: Best moment of my life ever!!! :iconbawsonplz: And you was with me!!!!"
Through the taxi-thing he haven't sadly any time for photos or an autograph.... BUT the way he talked to me and looked at me was simply magical!!!!

Even after in the pub where we ate (of course) fish and chips I was still like on clouds XD But there was still enough time to kidding around XDDDD
So yes all in one it was a really great trip and I will do it as soon as possible again !!!! :D:love:

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Your trip was totally perfect omgLove  I'm sure I couldn't calm down myself if that was mine:happybounce: