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Johnlock - You are back!



:iconddrarrowrightplz:Plz Reblog it Tumblr:: [link] :iconddrarrowleftplz:

Sooo... finally... FINALLY! I finished my strip with John&Sherlock....-.- Damn... I took so f**** long for it its almost unbelievable.. ;__;
But time isn't on my site for the moment and my health isn't as well..>__>
After I started my Sherlock Meme:

and realised that it turned more and more into a 'strip' (when I worked on it for one question of the meme) I decided to make a lil version of John's reaction when Sherlock returns of my own... Nothing new in fact, I know... but I really wanted to do it^^;
I tried to get as close to the actors as possible without getting tooo 'realistic' like I use to draw portraits and such things... X°D cause then I would still working on it ;_; (much to much panels XD)
So yeah its more like a 'detailed-quick-colour'?! Oo Sounds strange...-.-

I'm a kinda proud of the way John/Martin turned out in the opposite to Benedict/Sherlock...*sigh* I think I messed him up ....don't know...:iconsighingplz:

BUT I just wanted to show all the feelings between/for them you know ;__; :icontearfulplz: Even if I'm afraid the 'finally reunion' of them won't be like we all wish it to be...*sad sigh*

Anyway... I hope you like it a bit ;__;

*sidenote >>>> I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH (it hurts)!!! :iconbawsonplz:

Sorry for my mistakes T__T

(C) Characters: Arthur Conan Doyle/BBC/Moffat/Gattis
(C) Actors (sadly themself lol) XD
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This is a great recreation of season three of Sherlock when Sherlock retinues with John and John is mad at Sherlock then John hugs Sherlock and cries tears of joy overall great job 🙂🌸🎨😷🌈