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Taxidermy Secret Santa 2015 


  1. Post up a journal with 10 things you'd like for Christmas. We suggest at least 5 of these be taxidermy related
  2. Make sure to try and send other people gifts, even just sending card is nice!
  3. Asking for non-taxidermy items is fine, but if you don't want any this might be the wrong SS for you.
  4. Please include your address on the journal or a way for people to contact you to get your address to send the gift.
  5. Others can join in the fun at TaxidermySecretSanta


  1. TAXIDERMY Feathers!  I collect mostly Raptor and Exotic/parrot TAIL feathers but always love something interesting or colourful!
  2. TAXIDERMY Antlers! I sadly don't have any of these and would really love some kind of antler for my collection!
  3. TAXIDERMY Skulls, big or small -- MUST be cleaned, and or degreased
  4. TAXIDERMY Ranch Fox, coyote tails or any type of tail -- MUST be dry tanned
  5. TAXIDERMY teeth, claws, bones
  6. TAXIDERMY Butterfly/insect wings
  7. NON-TAXIDERMY Cards or photos of anything animal related! Mammal and birds alike.
  8. NON-TAXIDERMY Artwork of my fursona Io  Ultimate Io ref by Psychopomp16 or Nyx  Nyx by Psychopomp16 (this is my art account)
  9. NON-TAXIDERMY Craft supplies - Love beads, and painting, and drawing and EVERYTHING!
  10. NON-TAXIDERMY My Little Pony. I adore the G1 series and FiM

Note me for my address! 
If you send me a gift, I will send you one as well -- everyone deserves a gift on Christmas! 
Hello and Welcome!
This is my photography account.  My art account is here: :iconpsychopomp16:
This is just a hobby for me.  Feel free to use my pics as reference, but if you use them as stock, please credit me in your piece
:) And also please sent me a link!

Right now, I am uploading some of my older, lesser quality photos, but that I either still like, will be good reference photos or are interesting. Following that, I will be uploading some new shots taken with my new camera and lenses.  I'm still learning, and again, it's only for fun, but if you have any helpful criticism, I'm all ears!  

I primarily shot Wildlife and zoo life, because that's what I find interesting, being a zoologist!