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Está genial, muy sensual, erótico y apasionado. Me hubiera encantado si los personajes fueran de sexos opuestos.
jassia-chan's avatar
This is really, well, erotic, but not overly done. My respect, it´s a thin line :)
RedPandaDee's avatar
Well said, yes it is indeed a thin line. I'm trying to strip more and more descriptive shading these days, leaving only the vital visual elements. Refining towards my current sense of perfect balance of the poetry and minimalism within a painting.
Wow, this is marvelous.
I can't stop looking.
     Giving my thanks and pleasing for feedMe 002.
MrTuRn's avatar
uuuu redheads provides nice color schemes!!!
RedPandaDee's avatar
Indeed they do. ^_^
RaeAnne1984's avatar
Incredibly romantic and sensual and erotic.
sweetsirin22's avatar
That mouth thing again.....this time a lot more sensual, though. ;-)
RaeAnne1984's avatar
Snesually dreamy. yummMmmmm  hehehe.
sweetsirin22's avatar
Oh, I didn't want to distract you too much with my comments...
RedPandaDee's avatar
hehe, thank you.
RaeAnne1984's avatar
No, lol, thank you.  I hope we get to see their romance featured again and again in your gallery.
unconventionalsenshi's avatar
This is fucking beautiful :) Why is it not a DD?
RedPandaDee's avatar
What DD? her bosom?
unconventionalsenshi's avatar
a Daily Deviation, silly :D
RedPandaDee's avatar
ehh.... I don't know what daily deviation means.  sry i don't know Is that a status one can set a painting to?  I've been a member here for a few years but haven't looked into the interface and settings etc.
unconventionalsenshi's avatar
Ah, no worries :XD: Daily Deviations are artworks from various categories picked by the staff each day and featured on the bottom of the frontpage for the community to appreciate. They are an honour of sorts :P And granting them may be a long process, because it requires someone to suggest a DD and a staff member to review it, accept it and feature. Naturally, not all of the suggested pieces get chosen ^_^ But once they do, they get proper exposure and more viewers can reach those special pieces :P daily deviations for today:
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This is so exceptional, in my opinion, because the image's entire story is embodied in the two visible hands, and you've depicted them so delicately and with such feeling that we, the viewers, can almost feel the heat of one's palm, the tang of the other's finger. God, this is good!
renderedspeechless's avatar
I love how the faces seem much sharper, with perhaps less blending, it just seems like brush stroke on top of brush stroke with beautiful colors. All the highlights on the faces and hand give it an angular look which I really love. This really reminds me of a Boris Vallejo painting, especially with the background colors and dabbed application. The flesh tones are so rich and "touchable". The type of skin that you see and immediately wish you could caress. The expression of total satisfaction on the woman at left is joyous. One of my faves from this recent batch of work. Simply brilliant.
jackcrowder's avatar
I think your skills at this is far outbound my ability to comment on them. All I can say is 'wow.'
RedPandaDee's avatar
Thank you for the support, much appreciated.
drigulch's avatar
Oh my. Now that has an undeniable look of very tempting, taboo tastiness. There is a decided sense that the Lady on the left's plea to be fed is a self fulfilling as well as filling prophecy, for you see, the diner and the waitstaff appear very much to be one in the same. I have exactly zero doubt that if i were able to attend such a feast, as long as the radiant redhead on the right dished it up, i would never be able to get enough.
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