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Minecraft Mob Ideas - Mad Cow

This was inspired by the mad cow disease, and seeing as I've said that I would make zombie mobs you can guess how you get mad cows.

Mad Cow
:bulletgreen:Mob Type: Aggressive
:bulletgreen:Health Points: 15
:bulletgreen:Attack Damage: 4 (easy), 5 (normal), 8 (hard)
:bulletgreen:Spawn: After a Zombie or Mad Cow kills a Cow
:bulletgreen:Drops: 1-3 Rotten Flesh, 0-2 Ruined Leather*
:bulletgreen:Experience: 2-6
:bulletgreen:This disease riddled, and completely insane bovine is just evil. Seriously, they're just evil. Some bad things about them would be that they attack pigs (which will spawn a zombie pigman upon death by these things), they attack baboons (which spawns a jungle guardian), they attack players, they can give you the rabies effect and they can't burn in sunlight. Luckily there is some good news. They attack villagers, get damaged by water, can be cured with a bucket of milk and you get a bucket of acid when you milk them.
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my bro [herobrine] wants you to change the eyes or die as you no he will keep his promise he swears on his grave
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yes, yes I agree with this idea! :iconfinallyplz:
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I saw a Mad Cow in Void Mobs ep 3., expect it was a Mad Cowman.

Mad Cowman: "Who else but Buckethead!"
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I know. Buckethead is like Quagmire.
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Buckethead: *sneaks behind you*"Giggity."
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Death: "My apologies, Mr. RedPanda7. Buckethead tends to get out of control when meeting new people. *to Buckethead*No more giggity, okay? It's torturing us!"

Buckethead: :I
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Poor buckethead
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I'm going to have nightmares :iconscaredplz:
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Something I forgot, they can't break down doors but...
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I wouldn't really expect a zombie cow to be able to break down doors, so...meh.
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Yes, but...
They can destroy fences and gates.
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And there was me thinking I was safe.
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You are. As long as you have an entire army of gobins and golems
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Oh, and chickens
Millions of chickens
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