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Tour Down Under Logo + Mascot

The Tour Down under is an international bike race. Similar to the Tour De France. Except this is the Australia version. :D

The current logo is well. Not the best, so our teacher at Tafe suggested that it's time for a redesign. They will be seeing the final product. Everyone in the class has taken a different approach.

My inspiration is Barcelona Olympics Logo with an Australian twist.

The mascot is a part of the logo, being very flexible and can cross over for other events related to the event.

Here's the preliminary sketches. [link]

Peace Love Brown Rice. -Red <3
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onigrift's avatar
Tour de Australia :3
i LOVE the character designs, supercute!
RedPaints's avatar
Is it readable? Lol.I just thought that people might not be able to read it. lol.

onigrift's avatar
Oh yes definately, i LOVE the design, super cute and attractive to the eye <3
DooVoo's avatar
now these are just cute
RedPaints's avatar
hahah thanks. :D

he's all huggly
DooVoo's avatar
StolenStars's avatar
Love it, he's cute :3
ErinHunting's avatar
very cute designs.
RedPaints's avatar
Thank you fuzzy lion!~ :D
ErinHunting's avatar
No worries fellow fuzz bag ;)
MachinesBleedToo's avatar
I really like this. I think maybe a connecting line between handlebars and wheels would benefit it though in the little character sketches, I couldn't tell it was a bike.

Love the colours. :D
RedPaints's avatar
Oh thank you, yeah i was pondering that just a moment ago, i should probably add to it. :S
Ill see what the client thinks. :D

The colours nom your face. <3
umbreontbh's avatar
I think these are fantastic!
I didn't know we were having an epic bike race :/
RedPaints's avatar
Its been happening for about 10 years now surprisingly. :D

Apparently its really popular overseas. D:

Thank you for the lovely commemnt. :)
umbreontbh's avatar
It's popular overseas but it's happening in my own backyard and I've never heard of it?!
Wow, I feel terrible now, haha.

And you're very welcome. =)
RedPaints's avatar
You live in South Australia too? :D
umbreontbh's avatar
New South Wales!
Sydney! =D
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