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Sandhe Bujorn, Drifting Prodigal [TFSubmissions]

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Well of course Sandy was next in line for a Trollsona. :V

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Artwork by :icontfsubmissions:

Constellation Symbol by Denis M Moskowitz

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie and Viz Media (I think)

You are, as your title implies, a DRIFTER. You're supposed to be in the BROODING CAVERNS with all the other JADEBLOODS, but you have to KEEP MOVING because you're kind of a WANTED CRIMINAL.

Ironically, the main reason for this started when you ABANDONED THE BROODING CAVERNS because they're INCREDIBLY BORING. Most would think the miracle of developing WINGS would make daily life MORE INTERESTING, but somehow that made things WORSE in ways you'd PREFER NOT TO DISCUSS. So you bailed on your duties and left for the surface, which was somehow the most HARROWING AND EXCITING day of your life.

Then you saw the HORRIBLE AND BEAUTIFUL SUN and you NEVER LOOKED BACK. Not directly, of course; there's a reason you always wear an OVERSIZED HAT.

From then on you had to learn to SURVIVE IN THE WILD, which mostly meant sneaking about ONE HIVE TO THE NEXT, doing favors and felonies alike to get some decent food. You've actually enjoyed much success stealing and scrounging for stuff IN BROAD DAYLIGHT since most other trolls CAN'T HANDLE THE SUN. Of course, any HALF-DECENT ENFORCEMENT is going to WEAR SUNGLASSES, so it's good to be prepared. SANDING YOUR HORN HOOK and wearing some BLOOD SOAKED ARM WRAPPINGS confuses and scares off the more grub-minded pursuers, with your GLOVEKIND strife specibus to fall back on when things get too close for comfort.

One notable frustration is that you rarely, if ever, have the luxury of a recuperacoon these days, so your WOUNDS HEAL SLOWER than most other trolls and your dreams are FILLED WITH HORRIFIC VISIONS. Most of the visions are just about you being CAUGHT BY HIGHBLOODS, though sometimes they showcase the DEATH OF YOUR SPECIES or LIVING A NORMAL HUMAN LIFE. Thankfully you don't recall the majority of these once you wake up, though they still fill you with a sense of terror that you've never gotten used to. Still, beats wasting away in the BROODING CAVERNS.

Your trolltag is grizzlyEstrella and you tend to make high-pitched BEAR NOISES and UN-BEAR-ABLE puns.
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Ooooh cool oc, dont see alotta homestuck junk on DA nowadays lol