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Ritany Luupos, Imperial Governor [TFSubmissions]

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Yes, she's a Homestuck now. =P

This may surprise you (or not), but I followed Homestuck pretty closely during its initial run. Kinda fell off following Act 7, so I don't know much regarding the epilogue or the fan sequel beyond the fact that they exist. But I think I've always enjoyed the aesthetic, including the god tiers and (of course) the trolls. :D 

So here I am exploring what Brittany might be like as a troll. Maybe there'll be some more stuff like this down the line, who knows?

And last I checked, all fantrolls are considered cannon. Wink/Razz  So make of that what you will.

Other Trollsonafications:

Artwork by :icontfsubmissions:

Constellation Symbol by Denis M Moskowitz

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie and Viz Media (I think)


You are a SEA DWELLER, and a damn proud one. While your rule over the Land Dwellers was always your divine right, you made damn sure to make something of it, securing SEVERAL STAR SYSTEMS under your FISTS OF IRON GOLD AND VELVET.

Most would think this would earn you HER IMPERIOUS CONDESCENSION'S RESPECT, but the fact of the matter is, you hate each other, and not in a CALIGNOUS ROMANTIC WAY, either. No, you simply just hate each other, born of the fact that you have a strong disposition towards LAW AND ORDER in contrast to the empress's penchant for ANARCHY AND DRAMA. The only reason the two of you haven't come to blows is that you're smart enough to never challenge her directly while making yourself indispensable, your aforementioned star systems being a major supplier for the Alternian Armada.

Or to put it another way, she needs you, you don't need her. And making sure she knows that sure does put a smile on your face.

This, of course, doesn't stop REGULAR ATTEMPTS ON YOUR LIFE, as is befitting one of your standing in society. Usually by GRUBMINDED LOWBLOODS who think themselves smart enough to govern YOUR STAR SYSTEMS. So of course you keep yourself in top form and your trusty BLADE&BOARDKIND strife specibus at the ready -- decked out in gold, of course, because you're going to SHOW OFF YOUR EXTRAVAGANT WEALTH regardless, and if they must interrupt your busy schedule, you may as well ENJOY YOURSELF, since you sure as anything aren't getting any sort of challenge out of it.

This, along with your fondness for LUSII OF THE CANINE AND VULPINE VARIETY, have led to the land dwellers (and some uppity sea dwellers) to refer to you as the DOG OF WAR, or, more disparagingly, the BITCH OF BATTLE. Naturally, HER IMPERIOUS CONDESCENSION defaults to the latter. You prefer to be called by your official title (which you gave yourself), the HORNCROWNED, but it seems like that's about the one thing you can't get any land dweller outside your ROMANTIC QUADRANTS to do. Doggone it...

Your trolltag is canisMajaurum and you tend to involuntarily GROWL, BARK, and HOWL at seemingly random intervals.
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