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Reemun Bocatt, Confined Pursuant [TFSubmissions]

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And one more Trollsona, this time for my self-insert (and genderbend). Set as though they're looking at each other through a mirror; is he peering into his future or is she looking back into her past?

Constellation Symbol by Denis M Moskowitz

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie and Viz Media (I think)


GOG you hate the Governor SO MUCH

You were, and still are, damn good at PEST CONTROL. While actually eliminating pests -- small musclebeasts, feral lusii, etc -- is BY NO MEANS DIFFICULT, it takes a certain set of skills to TRACK THEM DOWN and PROPERLY IDENTIFY THEM as one HARD-HORNED HIGHBLOOD learned when he DESTROYED HIS HIVE while CHASING THE WRONG LUSUS. That's where you came in. It was easy enough to take care of the pest in question -- a RARE CRAB-LUSUS -- whereupon you "assisted" the afflicted highblood in KEEPING IT DISCREET in exchange for the creature's carcass, using its FREAKY BLOOD to color an EXPENSIVE AND STYLISH JACKET. Life couldn't be better.

Then INDENTURED AGENTS of the IMPERIAL GOVERNOR came knocking. Unbeknownst to you, that RARE CRAB-LUSUS was one of the Governor's pets, missing for some time. When you answered the ENTRYWAY BELL in your EXPENSIVE AND STYLISH JACKET, you swiftly found yourself in the court of the IMPERIAL GOVERNOR, with the BITCH OF BATTLE herself breathing down your neck for answers. And with the jacket LITERALLY ON YOUR PERSON the whole time, you knew there was no way you were going to have any answers for her that wouldn't PISS HER OFF.

So it was unsurprising that immediately after answering ALLLLLLLL THE QUESTIONS, you found yourself carried off once more, this time to be subject to HORRIFIC EXPERIMENTS, the details of which you DON'T EVER WANT TO RECALL. All for the purpose of MUTILATING YOUR FORM so you could serve as a REPLACEMENT PET for the governor. Which, among other things, means you're now obligated to wear your EXPENSIVE AND STYLISH JACKET at all times.

Now ALL BUT CONFINED to her compound, you're forced to COMPLY TO HER DRESS CODE, do whatever MENIAL TASK she assigns you, and sometimes handle PEST CONTROL, and in general just tend to her person as she MANAGES GUBERNATORIAL AFFAIRS with ease, gracefully fends off REGULAR ATTEMPTS ON HER LIFE, flaunts her EXTRAVAGANT WEALTH and TONED FIGURE...

GOG you hate the Horncrowned Governor SO MUCH.

Your trolltag is feralFreakculler and you tend to make LOW-PITCHED CAT GROWLS when upset and ROAR LIKE A KITTEN when angry.
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Woah!!! This trollsona (well, technically self insert) is so cool!