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Billy the Necromancer

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BILLY! Put down that paladin's skull for a moment and get over here! We need to figure out how to take down the temple guardian!


An old PC of mine, the middle student of an insane wizard teacher who via circumstance wound up on his own adventures for fun and research.

Without going into detail, he's rather... detached ...from social norms to the point he views the application of necromancy with childlike glee, be it turning a paladin's skeleton into his familiar or draining the life force of others who just happen to bore or bother him. Probably helps that it was an "evil" campaign. Though ironically, he never bothered learning how to raise an undead army of his own. Go figure.

And yes, his staff is also a toaster, because toasters are some kind of miracle to him No, I don't get it myself, and I'm the joker who came up with it!

For those wondering, yes, his character was very much inspired by Billy of Billy & Mandy, though I didn't realize it until the campaign was well underway. Still, that got me imagining the other PCs yelling at Billy with Grim's voice, which I admit was kinda amusing.


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