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Flan-tan Typography art

Flan-tan typography art (not since I was lazy to draw her proper face, expression and such but more like this is for my T-shirt project for campus's assignment)

It's not a full version since it would be forbidden to uploaded the full version before submitting it to my lecturer.

Lineart and execution full by me

Done by Photoshop and illustrator

(c) ZUN as the original owner of this character
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Wow, that's really cool!
hen-lee's avatar
heuheu pada demen tuh, udah, maen di typography aja...hehehehhe, lo jadi illustrator typography :P
ReDLoNeR's avatar
hahahah ga sreg gw maen typography..
masaber2-FE's avatar
Oh, i see how you did it, cool idea still!
ReDLoNeR's avatar
well thank you for the compliment..:D
Tailsdude's avatar
That's amazing... I wish I had that as a shirt
ReDLoNeR's avatar
hahaha... Maybe if I had a credit card, I'll sell it later...:D

thank you for commenting..
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Nice idea, I like it.
ReDLoNeR's avatar
Thank you gan..:)
quesadiilya's avatar
oh~! :3

i've read a tutorial on how to do something similar, but now i'm going to do something similar.

my inspiration~ ; A;

ReDLoNeR's avatar
so they have a tutorial about this? hahaha

thank you, kind sir..:)
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omg. omg. omg. omg .... this is insane
ReDLoNeR's avatar
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NiGHTS-098's avatar
It just simply blew my mind
ReDLoNeR's avatar
My I'm flattered..:XD:
Thank you~
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Great work! I especially love typography, and it's great to see cool pieces like this every day.

For an interesting twist, maybe you should try to create the image without the use of masking. Instead, put the letters there and try to warp them to conform to the lineart. Vary the size and shape of words.

</englishmode> eniwei, ini keren banget. cek galeri gw juga ya!
ReDLoNeR's avatar
so you mean, I just put the letter there and try to warp them and in the end, it would be a shape of the character eh? Interesting..:3

Thank you for comment and suggestion~~

ok bro..:)
isacchi's avatar
huoooh keren!! :heart:
cara bikin typography gitu gimana sih? :la:
ReDLoNeR's avatar
thanks :XD:
hmm bikinnya sih awalnya dibikin dulu lineartnya terus layernya diatur terus dimasukin aja deh tulisan2nya...:D
isacchi's avatar
ooh, ngatur2 layernya itu susah ya? XD;;
ReDLoNeR's avatar
hmmm ga gitu susah sih. Lebih susah ngatur peletakan tulisannnya supaya bentuk badan bagian dalamnya lebih keliatan.. hahaha..
isacchi's avatar
ooh gitu toh..
pengen belajar typography juga sih >w<

makasih buat advicenya yaa...
n keep it up :hug:
ReDLoNeR's avatar
u're welcome and thank you once again..:)
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