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Welcome to RedlinePlease

Welcome to RedlinePlease!

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We are a group of individuals dedicated to helping you out with your art and improving your drawing skills!
If you aren't sure what a redline is, it's basically us drawing over your image in red to help with any anatomy or posing mistakes. We show you the correct way to draw it so you can learn a bit faster!
If you have any questions, drop us a note or leave a comment and we will reply straight away!
Please read the rules below carefully!

- - - - - -

Basic Rules

In the description of your work, you MUST tag our group like this: :iconredlineplease: and write what it is you have drawn and what you would like fixed in the drawing. Your submission will be declined if you do not follow these rules.

• You need to join as a member to submit deviations to be redlined!

• Submit your deviation ONLY to the Human, Animals, Anthro and Fantasy Creatures! The Featured folder are only for finished redlines!!

• Do not submit to any other open folders.

• Respect all members alike.

• ONLY work that is a redline request will be accepted. We don't take random deviations for no reason - these will be instantly removed.

• Please understand that we aren't redlining to hurt others feelings. We redline to help you as growing artists, and we do it because we care!

• You are able to tag your preferred redliner if you wish! Sometimes people want their art to be in a specific style so if you know a redliner here whom you want to redline your work, just tag them!

- - - - - -

Important Links

Frequently Asked Questions
Contributor Application Form

- - - - - -

We hope you enjoy your stay! Keep improving!!


The Co-founders and contributors are the people doing the redlines.

Members are those submitting to have a redline completed. You must be a member in order to submit.





Hello Redliners and Redlined!
This is Rach, and today I'm here to expand the communication in the group!

    I am aware that some (or even most) of the artists that are requesting redlines don't submit the drawings to their galleries for several reasons. I am, too, aware that collaborators aren't that active on the group as some of them were on the past. In order to make this group a center for both of you (redliners and redlined artists) to share information and education on art and anatomy, I would like to ask all the contributors reading this to send a note to the group communicating on how avaliable they are to offer their redline services to all members (in and out of their galleries) of the group.

     This group is a space that allows artists from all varieties to congregate and help each other in anatomy and other art-related questions, and the objective of the group is to share this informations with begginners to help them keep creating and practicing! When begginners and amateurs feel comfortable with the space they are in, their objective is to continue to practice!
Our contributors do redlines for our groups but they also can redline for you privately, when you don't feel comfortable sharing your raw sketch on your gallery, meaning that they can redline for you even if your drawing is on or other image hosting websites.

    Below is a list of the contributors that are avaliable to redline for you privately, if you don't want to share your drawing-to-be-redlined on your gallery:

:iconracheru-tan: Availability: all time // Main area of drawing expertise: humans, chibis
:iconnattikay:  Availability: Technically always, but things may be a bit delayed due to schoolwork // Main area of drawing expertise: Humans, canines, felines, general cartooning
:icontsharek: Availability: Everyday // Main area of drawing expertise: horses/ hooved animals - felines - canines - dragons
• --
• --
(more tba)

If you would like to ask them to redline for you privately, you can send a note to them with the following Subject and Content:

Subject: Private Redline Request from RedlinePlease Member
Content: *Your content must have a link for the drawing to be redlined, your deadline, if you would like some tips or not, and any other required information the artist should have to redline them properly*

Please, do not send a redline request for an artist that isn't their area of expertise!

If you feel that your drawing lacks something and/or is something wrong or just want to make sure that everything is correct, feel free to join our group and submit your drawing in here! We are happy to help you!

Thank you so much for your time and keep practicing!!
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Felis-Licht Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2018  Student General Artist
Are there any redliners that deal with pixel/sprite art? And of the Pokemon kind in particular?
chicoARTS Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
how come I've just found this group and it's been around for SEVEN years OTL
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legendary444 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2016
would it be possible to get help on like just one image in particular without joining? theres this one image i need to get fixed to complete a set  im working on but i cant seem to get it right and my friends i usually go to for it cant fix it and im at a loss as to where else or who else to ask.
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Sirenz Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015
Hi! This sounds like a great group. I requested to join!
Vanetias Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015  Student
Hello there, is this group open for members? I wish to improve in my art, especially on anime, manga and hentai art.
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