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ElectricBlazers' Researcher App



Stars - 4

Items - Evolution Scroll

- Adam - Tester

Personality -
Adam is the more adventurous of the two. Always willing to push himself to the limits and doesn't like holding back. Not much of a fighter per se, he can still hold his own in a fight. Always willing to try out new things, and meet new pokemon.

Background -
Adam has been neighbors with Liz's parents for since the day he hatched, and has been friends with her since. The two were practically inseparable like brother and sister. Always pushing one another to step up their game.

Adam's electric powers were incredibly powerful for a Pikachu. Even as a Pichu, his power rivaled that of his father maybe even more. But as a Pichu he couldn't fully control it and though it didn't hurt him all that much it caused practically all electronics to short circuit in his presence. After evolving into a Pikachu he was able to better control his power, and using them in unique ways compared to others of his kind. This inspired Liz to better study Adam's electric powers and create tools and such, that Adam would usually test. No sooner after, Adam decided to become Liz's personal assistant and tester.

- Adam is able to use a combination Thunderbolt and Magnet Rise to fly in the air as long as he's riding on something metallic.
- Adam was the one who turned in the Researcher application. Changing the Team Name to ElectricBlazers, thinking it was cooler than what Liz came up with.
- Due to all the lectures he received from Liz, he has a scholarly understanding of his powers. But tends to try to avoid the paperwork and research, in favor of due actual field testing of Liz's creations.

- Liz - Engineer

Personality -
Liz has always been the inquisitive type ever since she was a small Chimchar. Always looking to take apart any machine that catches her attention to see how it works. At times Liz, puts so much focus on her work she sometimes becomes oblivious to her surroundings.
Liz has been neighbors with Adam's parents for since the day she hatched, and has been friends with him since. The two were practically inseparable like brother and sister. Always pushing one another to step up their game.

Liz became interested in machines after reading some of her mothers books on the subjects. But it was Adam's way of using his electric powers that truly inspired her to become a Engineer. Using Adam's powers as inspiration for her creations she specializes in electrical powered devices and machinery, but studies a bit of biology on the side.

- Liz tries to get Adam to read up on the notes of her creations before Adam could test it. (This usually ends up with Adam testing the device without proper knowledge of how the device works.)
- Being part fighting type, Liz, can hold her own just fine in a fight.
- Known to be a MultiTasker.

Ace - Bodyguard

Personality -
Goofy doesn't even begin to describe this big dog. He shares his cousin's inquisitive nature. Though instead of wanting to take things apart like Liz, he prefers to observe them. He sees the world differently from most other Pokemon and would sometimes say things that don't make much sense to most people.

He's also very hard to upset... I mean seriously it's almost impossible to get this guy angry. Though still possible, you'd have to press really hard on the wrong buttons to get this guy angry. Even then no one really knows what happens when he's angry, after all it almost never happens.

Background -
Born and raised in Andalusst, Ace has always been a active canine especially as a pup. But growing older he's... honestly he's gotten more active to the point he can't seem to sit still for more than a minute. So he's taking to leaving Andalusst and wandering around. Returning to Andalusst from time to time.

- Though cousins he likes it when Liz calls him Big Bro.
- Likes to take naps
- Likes to tease Adam and Liz about being a couple when they're not.
    - He wants Adam and Liz to become a couple.

- Mission

- Tasks
    - Capture The Agent
    - Cactus Field Tasks - A Full Night

- Events
    - # 1 Graffiti Removal
    - # 2 Egg Festival  -
    - # 3 Alchemical Experimentation

 - Contests
    - Festival Contest

 - Personal Stories
    - Family Meeting

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Pokemon (c) Nintendo & Gamefreak
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Wowza!! This Team is really cool! I especially love Liz~ :D