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Fallout 3 CH1 by Redlich Fallout 3 CH1 :iconredlich:Redlich 26 1 Famly lunch by Redlich Famly lunch :iconredlich:Redlich 6 2
Chapter one, part six
     “How could I been so foolish?” Rua’leen said to herself as took another small bite of dried meat. Many hours have past since the skirmish with Morrik, she had done as her father requested and arrived at Mithral Hall just as the sun began to wan. She had spent most of the time in her room brooding; she wished to be alone.
A few good meaning dwarves came by her door and offered her to join them for dinner but she declined.  Her mood left little of an apatite.
Yet as time past her hunger won out, she not had eaten since last noon yesterday.  So she made her way to one of the near by kitchens.
The room was empty, most were at this late hour. Only the one in the main dinning hall still had her cooks in her working on breakfast for the coming morning.  Rua’leen looked over some of its stores and found an apple, some cheese, and a few thin strips of what tasted like dried pork.  She took them and a skin
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Chapter one, part five
The tunnel passage weaved and turned in a confusing zigzag. Hidden in by a natural optical illusion where dozens of dead end side passages laid with mechanical and magic traps. Anyone who did not know the right steps to take would be lost to death.
Vailden Walked threw the treacherous maze with minimal trouble.  He knew the way well enough and soon the narrow path gave way to a larger torch lit space. Simple furnisher chairs, stools and a table rested along to the right with a bench agent the left wall.  Inhabiting the room was six large muscular humanoids with dark scaly skin and curved horns. They wore black shirts and britches with chain mail to mach. These were the spawn of Tiamat, Tiathar as they are called in the draconic language. Born form chromatic dragons, a black dragon in this case, these creatures are the latest in the dragon goddess plots to dominate and destroy and these ones served as Shearra-fangx personal guard.
They stared at Vailden not with feat
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Mature content
Chapter one, part four :iconredlich:Redlich 0 0
Chapter one, part three
Stone-Arrow, Located south of where The Surbin river meets with the Rauvin, after the war this trade post was set up as place not just for comers, but to gather and discus over all politics and agreements with the neighboring lands., it held little structures mostly tents, one man shacks , a few small cabins and its outer walls.  The one building that stood out was the central meeting hall or as it was called Silverkeep.  As the name implied Lady Alustiriel had a small part in its construction, even so she rarely makes an appearance her duties as high lady of Silverymoon kept her well occupied.  
The young man and newly appointed knight Darwin Shears was awarded the honor of attending the meetings as her official voice.  Shears was inexperienced in diplomacy, but his heart was true and he proved to be intelligent and well spoken.  And so he was given a chance to play a role in shaping the north for his kingdom and the good of all, a cha
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Chapter one, part two
The air in the tunnel was stifled with the smell of decaying vegetation, rancid water and things that where unidentifiable.  He hated it, Vailden lived among these scents for over four years and still not grown accustom to the fowl stench. He also despised the company of the trolls that loomed about the lower caverns and back on the surface.  
Shearra-fangx has bin gathering the creatures from all the Trollmoors as well as those fond deep in the network tunnels and caverns that make up the underdark.  Along with them she had brought others including duergars also known as gray or deep dwarves, she had acquired over four scours of them to forge weapons for her growing army.
“Army” Vailden thought. “What a joke.” His thoughts did hold merit. As fierce and hard to kill as trolls where, there over aggressive behavior and great lake of intelligence made them poor solders.  At best they where longer lasting fodder than other simple
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Chapter one, part one
Chapter I
Seeing the world
She looked out to the distance from where she sat, across keeper’s dale on border of the Mithral Hall and Dark Arrows.  The morning wind swept her hair a little to the side; its large braid weighed it down.  She turns to face it, letting the cold air fill her lungs with a deep breath.  The spring melt had come over a ten-day early, but the winds still held there chill. It was as though winter refuses to let go with out brushing the land with icy fingers one last time.
Rua’leen was dress for the cold.  A warm hooded traveling cloak fasten out of grey fur wrapped her small frame and covering black leather armor laced with some wolf fur with matching britches’ with chaps and boots. She also wore thin pair gloves that came up just past the elbow, they offer little protection from the cold, but are well made and did not cut easily.
A sudden increases in the wind forcer her to bring her arm in close and buried
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I am a wolf
I am a wolf and I howl at the moon.
I watch through non judging eyes
I witness mans sin with a sigh
I am a wolf and I howl at the moon
They cures me when their livestock run
Yet its my prey taken with gun
I'm the beast that shapes their rage
But I whimper here in a cage
I am a wolf and I howl at the moon
where might I be free
I look to sky and sing
To god who all are seen in his eye
My song to him I cry
A place to be me
A place hate can not be seen
To him I say
With a chorus I pray
a world for my pack where mans evil is far away
I am a wolf and I howl at the moon
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Ok just question for one gripe Why the hell can't I play single player Diablo 3, without the Fucking server, I'm not a pvp fanatic and I just like playing solo so why all the online bs its downloaded and on my laptop so whats the deal.Is not all the game put on my hard drive? is it for the auction house? Delays are one thing but come on just let me have hordes of monsters to kill without server maintenance to get in the way. am I alone here,anyone else just like to get their grind on and loot wile watching tv, movie, or netflix  and not worry about getting dc'ed ?
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