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One Piece Persona
Name: Red
Nickname: Bloody Princess
Bounty: unknown
Crew: none yet
Devil fruit: chi chi no mi (Blood Blood fruit)
Personality: just mix Kidd, Law, and Luffy into one. Odd, I know, but I cannot help it.
Affiliation: Pirate/bounty hunter
Franky Pride Month
He wears a SPEEDO
his whole fight with SENIOR PINK
his attack called the NIPPLE BLASTER
(PS i am pro gay so this is not me making fun of anyone)
Nami Pride Month
Honestly I think Nami would be bisexual.
Her relationships have me thinking that. (Honestly I find it really hard to explain... but she gives me that feeling.)
Zoro Pride Month
Demisexual Heterosexual.

Zorro isnt really interested in relationships, probably ever since his childhood friend died. I feel like he would be okay to be in a relationship as long as he connects emotionally to the person.
Much like Sanji, it is POSSIBLE for him to like a man under the right conditions.
Sanji Pride Month

Pride month Sanji!

He would be a Hyperromanatic Heterosexual ally

It is pretty obvious that Sanji likes females. But is all that is on the surface all there is to see? I think he is pretty open about it, and my answer is yes. His relationships with females is an odd one as he is hyperromantic. He really wants to be romantic with many different females which can lead to problems into steady relationships. Sanji’s position might put him in an odd situation if he actually gets a girl.
If the right guy come along however, I could see him liking a guy. But for the most part he is definitely straight.
Luffy Pride Month
I am going to do One Piece characters and what I think their sexuality would be based on their actions.

Luffy would be Demisexual.
Demisexuals only feel sexual attraction if they form a deep emotional connection.

Luffy is extremely emotional. Obviously. But he also doesn't seem interested in love at all. I feel he hasn't met the right person yet. Example is his complete ignoring of Boa Hancock's advances.




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Anorexia is constant fear.
It is constant hunger
It is wanting to be better but scared to at the same time
It is looking at yourself and crying
It is eating with the feeling of regret and anxiety
It is wanting to feel good
It is the need for control
It is the constant thought of your image in your head
It is hard
It is misunderstood.
People say "You look good"
they say "you looked better before"
they say "just eat"
they say "you are hurting others and yourself"
they say "It hurts me to see you like this"
they say "just get over it"
they try to use logic and reasoning
I know what they say is logical and reasonable
But my mind fights itself
I want help
But help takes a long time
and I am scared.
they say I could be hospitalized
this only makes my mind fight itself more
Anorexia is serious


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Red Laser
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Just a normal girl with a unhealthy love 4 anime and other things
btw, my birth year is actually 2002.
I am pretty good at art,
Pastel Goth Stamp by CorruptPastel
Proud Of Stamp by CorruptPastel
Moon- Art Trade- Ask Me by CorruptPastel



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