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Arena Game Sprites

Sprites for that arena game
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© 2010 - 2021 RedKnight91
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wow... you have a tallent... i love your pixel art
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Hey thanks : )
That's old stuff though, you can see some of my newer stuff on pixeljoint [link]
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Hi, can these be used by any project or just Andor's Trail? (This is also, how I found you art) :)
RedKnight91's avatar
Feel free to use them : )
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Oh, thanks! May I upload them to OpenGameArt?

I would be using either of these licenses: Attribution v3 (would ensure that you get credit) or Attribution-ShareAlike v3 (would ensure that you get credit and would require changed versions of these characters to be available under the same license (so variations would always be equally free).

If that's all right with you, please let me know which you prefer (you can also pick these licenses here on dA in the submission settings).

(I won't do anything unless I get explicit permission from you ;) )
RedKnight91's avatar
Go ahead : ) Attribution-ShareAlike v3 looks good : D
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Thanks a lot! Uploaded to [link]
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WoW ! Found about your pictures thanks to "Andor's trail" which use it. Good work !
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Thanks man ; ) I've done graphics for an iPhone game and a forum game too : )
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