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Benny by redkneesocks

Part 2
Written by Red kneesocks
Benny is a little boy, who loves all kind of chocolates and every entertainments. His mother Carrie tells about him that Benny is a ’naughty bunny’, who loves to get in trouble. Therefore Benny gets funny punishments for this reason very often. These ’punishments’ always finish with loud laugh every time!
Have a good fun!

At the moment She grabs her son’s other ankle and pulls Benny’s leg closer. Benny is laughing but He doesn’t speak. Then something comes to Carrie’s mind.
    -        Oh mommy knows The Itsy-Bitsy Spider! It’s a lovely little spider! Where don’t you know I find it accidentally? Ohh, wait a minute! It comes here! It’s climbing here! Let’s singing for the Itsy-Bitsy Spider! I’m sure that Benny bunny knows this lovely little song! Here comes…
The itsy-bitsy spider…
Climbed up the water spout…
Down came the rain…
And washed the spider out…
Out came the sun…
And dried up all the rain…
And the itsy-bitsy spider…
Climbed up the spout again… - She’s singing the song while playing with her fingers and tickling his other bare sole.
While his mother is singing the song, Benny is watching her fingers and waving with his restrained foot a little bit. After singing his mother continues the playful spider tickling on Benny’s both bare feet. Therefore Benny laughes out loud.
They’re enjoying this moment, their cheerfulness fills up the living room completely. In the meantime Benny is trying to extricate his unprotected ankles from his mother’s hands. But His mother is clever with her hands and She’s holding back them successfully.
    -        No! No, Benny bunny! This won't succeed! Don't try it! Your plan fall through! I’m the Tickle Monster, and the monsters are stronger than the ticklish little bunnies! You know it very well! Yes-yes-yes! The itsy-bitsy spider stay with us until I found what I’m looking for! Me and the itsy-bitsy spider have a lot of freetime! So Benny bunny, where the chocolate is? – She continues his interogation and laughing with her son together.
    -        He-He-He-He! I’m nooot a buuuunyyy! He-He-He! I’m Beeennyyy booooyy! He-He-He! I hateee the iitsyy-biitsyy spiiideer! He-He-He! It tiickleeesss meeee! He-He-He! I dooon’t knoooow whereee is iiit! Stooop! He-He-He…! – He’s laughing, begging and squirming hopelessly.
Then Carrie stops her ticklish game with Benny’s sensitive bare soles suddenly and starts to pantomime with her two fingers. She’s wiggling her two fingers as if they can speak to Benny.
    -        Please, Benny bunny! Tell us, where that chocolate bar is? Please! Please! Please! Be good bunny boy! Tell us the true! Where is the chocolate? – She keep saying it over and over again and her two fingers are moving slowly behind his bare feet.
    -        No! I don’t tell the true you! You’re bad fingers! I don’t say anything! I’m a tough guy! I endure to the end! – He says it with big smile on his face.
    -        Okay Benny, You wanted it! Then this tough bunny gets on my magical bus! Here is coming my magical bus! The bus starts off his trip and...
The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long! – She’s singing the new song while drawing some circles on Benny’s bare soles with her forefinger.
The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish, swish swish swish.
The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish, all day long! – She's wiping her son's soles with her forefinger as the wipers are working on a bus’ windscreen.
In the meantime Benny is enjoying the newer game with his mother, therefore He’s watching what She’s doing with her forefinger and laughing loudly. Carrie continues the funny song and playing on with her finger.
The horn on the bus goes beep beep beep, beep beep beep.
The horn on the bus goes beep beep beep, all day long! – Then She’s poking Benny’s cute little toes one by one gently.
Beep beep beep! Oh, I love these piggies horn! Beeep beeep beeeep! I love these toes are a horn! Beeep-beeeeep! – Carrie loves playing with her Benny bunny’s little toes all day long.
The driver on the bus says move on back, move on back, move on back.
The driver on the bus says move on back, all day long! – Then the mother’s fingers are running down on her son’s bare soles to his heels.
These are very ticklish moments for Benny boy, because the bare skin on his little soles is very sensitive. So, He’s laughing louder while trying to rescue his unprotected bare feet, but all attempts are unsuccessful.
The conductor on the bus says fares please, fares please fares please.
The conductor on the bus says fares please, all day long!
Hey honey! Do you have a bus ticket or a bus pass, hmmm? Did you buy it Benny? Or are you a fare dodger on my magic bus, hmmm? You didn’t want to pay the trip on my bus, is it right honey? Where is your money Benny bunny? Maybe it’s here or here… Where is your money dear fare dodger? – Carrie is tickling her son on his sides with her quick fingers after that her fingers are moving up to Benny’s armpits. His mother is digging her fingers to Benny’s ticklish armpits. She’s looking for his hidden money there. But She’s finding lots of sweet laugh only, because Benny is incredibly ticklish on his armpits.


    -        Oh, I know it well! But We haven’t finished my journey yet on my magical bus, so…
The Benny bunny is traveling on the bus ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha…!
The Benny bunny is traveling on the bus ha-ha-ha, all day long! – She’s tickling his sides again and her fingers are walking down to his bare feet.
His mommy says Tickle-tickle-tickle, Tickle-tickle-tickle…!
His mommy says Tickle-tickle-tickle, all day long! – Then Carrie is moving all her fingers on her son’s bare soles again.
The mommy says I love you, I love you, I love you…!
The mommy says I love you, all day long!
Yes, yes, yes! The mommy loves her Benny bunny!
The mommy loves him, all day long! – Carrie is sending some small kisses to her son’s bare soles.
The people on the bus go up and down up and down, up and down.
The people on the bus go up and down, all day long! – Then She’s walking with her fingers up and down on Benny’s ticklish soles again and again. As a result of this Benny is shaking his body on the sofa and laughing desperately.
    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round.
    The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long! – She’s drawing more circles with her fore finger on his ticklish bare soles.
    Then mother and her son collapse under exhausting playing and laughing together.
They laughed together loudly and it was wonderful pastime fun, Carrie goes back to her first question.
    -        Well Benny bunny, did you know, where the chocolate bar is? Tell me the truth! Or else… - She starts to caress Benny’s toes with her fingers gently.
    -        No! It was enough! Stop mommy! I said, I don’t know, where the missing chocolate is! *giggles* Please, don’t tickle me again! *wishpers* - He answers his mother quietly on giggle voice.
    -        Well, if it was enough tell me the truth! It’s high time to tell the truth, Benny bunny! Where is the chocolate bar? The Tickle Monster starts to lose her patience and this what means telling the truth immediately? – She smirks at him.
    -        Yeeeess, that’s right! I think… that chocolate bar is in someone’s tummy! – He answers it kindly with waggish smile on his face.
    -        Oh, so your opinion is that the lost chocolate bar is sitting in someone’s tummy, right? – She responds to him while carressing her son’s bare little toes in her lap.
    -        Yes, it’s right! *giggles* Please don’t touch my toes! *giggles* My toes are very ticklish! – He tell it with giggle.
    -        Oh, don’t worry honey bunny! They’re in a safe place in my lap! *smirks* So, if you’re right somebody made disappear the chocolate in his tummy before dinner in our house. Hmmm, I find it very interesting! The strange thing is I had never thought of it. How many people or bunnies do you know honey, who can do this? – She asks with wide smile on her face.
    -        Eventually, I know a fearful monster who has a sweet tooth! She loves all kinds of sweets! For example, She loves cakes, bonbons, chocolates, my sweet toes, *giggles*my super ticklish feet, my knees, my thights *giggles* my stomach, my sweet neck, my cheeks *giggles* my nose, my sweet ears ohh and my little fingers! She loves her chocolate filled bunny, who I’m! – He says with waggish smile on his pretty face.
    -        Woah! Really? Who is this sweet-toothed monster Benny bunny? – She asks him with laugh.
    -        He-he-he! Really, you don’t know who’s that? Hey, don’t tickle my toes! You’re that! He-he! You’re that sweet-toothed big monster mommy! You’re silly mommy! He-he-he! You love your chocolate bunny, whose name is Benny! He-he-he! – He laughs again while his mother is tickling his cute toes with her fingers.
Then Carrie is tickling her son’s bare feet from toes to heels systematically.
Five minutes later after tickling, Carrie tickled her lovely son’s super ticklish soles thoroughly, the tickle monster left her ’victim’. Although the mother finished Benny bunny’s ’skinning’, their cheerful mood are remaining.
In the meantime Benny is playing with his free legs in the air in front of his mother face. Which She's trying to catch, and his mother is smiling back at him.
    -        Heey Mooommy! Don’t catch my legs! It’s not fair! You’re much stronger than me Mommy! Leave me alone! – He whines her and send tapping towards his mother’s face.
    -        Yes it’s true! I’m stronger because I always eat everything! I’m so strong… Hey Benny, don’t be silly!... Hey-hey! Don’t kick me! It’s not nice, bunny! *protects herself* Do behave Benny! You’re a waggish bunny again! Stop it or else… I’ll bite your feet! – Carrie reply to him happily.
    -        But You said a chocolate bar has plenty of energy, and I kick you mommy, because you’re bad monster!  I’m a big hero and I’m defeating you! I’m not waggish bunny, I’m the big Benny, the big hero!... *fights* Hey! Don’t eat my feet Mommy! Hey-hey! I’m your son, hero Benny, not your roasted bunny! These aren’t the same! MOMMY MOONSTER! Don’t bite  my sensitive feet! He-he-he! Don’t eat my toes! He-he! MOOOMMY! – He begs, while He tries to ’fight’ with his mother.
    -        Well honey! Maybe You’re right! Really… You’re a big, an invincible hero… A hero, who is extremely ticklish… with tasty feet! He-he! Yum-yum-yum! Ohh, these toes are very delicious! Yum-yum-yum! – She speaks to him very slowly, while She catches his foot and starts to play with it.
This time it seems that Carrie is eating her son's small toes. As a result of this, Benny is laughing again with amazing power. Carrie is listening to her son’s cute laugh with happily.
    -        Noooo!! He-he-he!! Not my toes!! He-he!! It’s toooo much!! He-he-he!! Please Moooommy!! Pleeease!! He-he-he!! Don’t eat meeee!! He-he!! Ohhh, I’m not… I’m not… I’m not a disssh! He-he-he!! Don’t biiite meee!! He-he-he!! Pleease Mooommy!! I’m not deli… delici…*falter* I’m not tastyyy!! He-he-he!! Nooo mooore!! He-he!! Stooop it! He-he-he…!! – He tries to escape and laughs and He begs desperately.
    -        Sorry honey! Your mommy monster is very hungry! So, I’m eating your feet now! Yum-yum! Ohh these toes are so sweet… and these heels too! Yummy, these bunny’s heels are so soft! Yum-yum-yum! Mommy's stomach will be full with this delicious bunny meat! It’s so yummy! – She continues the game and imitating the eating.
Then Benny begins to crawling down from the sofa to the floor. He feels that it’s the lastest chance that He can escape from his hungry tickle monster's hands.
    -        He-He-He!! SOMEBODY HEEELP MEEE!! He-He-He!! This monster will eat meee!! He-he-he-HELP!! He-He-He!! My Heeeels! He-He!! MOOOMMY!! DOON’T EEEAT MYY HEEELS!! HE-HE-MY HEEELS ARE TIICKLIISHH… NOT TAASTY!! HE-HE-HE!! I’M NOT A MAIN  COURSE, MOOMMY!! HE-HE-HE!! – Poor little boy is screaming with laughing while slipping down.
    -        Ohh, It looks like that Benny bunny’s heels are as ticklish as delicious! Don’t worry sweet bunny! I'll finish the eating soon, but now… I'm tasting your arches a little bit, I'm sure that their flavour is fine! Yum-yum! – She taunts him playfully.

To be continue...




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