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Your feelings are transmitted though there is a language barrier.
Thank you (^0^)/

Your comments are the energy of the creation though all the comments cannot be answered.

Tools that I am using is written because there were dozen questions.


Drawing and Ink
Pencil or Photoshop or CLIP STUDIO PAINT.


Photoshop CC

Softimage, CINEMA 4D

Photoshop CC


Main PC
OS : Windows 7 64bit
CPU :  Intel Core i7 970 (3.2GHz, 6Core, 12Thread)
RAM : 48GB (DDR3-1333 PC3-10600 8GB x 6)
Storage : 160GB SSD(System) + 2TB HDD(Data) + 2TB NAS(RAID Backup) + 120GB RevoDrive3 X2
Graphic : Geforce GTX680
Motherboard : ASUS P6X58D-E

Other Hardware
Cintiq 24HD & Dual Monitors(27inch + 22inch), Intuos4 Large, Cintiq 13HD, Griifin PowerMate
My Desk by redjuice999


My Website :
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Kepai39Hobbyist Digital Artist
初音ミクを聞きましたか? そして、パソコンはすごいですね〜 すみません、私の日本語はちょっと悪いです。日本語の授業を取ります。=)
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Assuming approximate current prices of hardware in Nov 2013,

RAM $40 * 6 = $480
Processor $555
160GB SSD $200
2TB HDD $70 * 2 = $140
120GB Revo $400
GPU $280
Motherboard $150
= $1965 (not including Power Supply Unit, Case, peripherals, etc)

Big Cintiq $2500
2 Monitors $400
Intuos $300
Small Cintiq $1000
= $4200

Total = $6165 (not including Power Supply Unit, Case, peripherals, etc)


ps. If we factor in software it's over 9000...
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I nearly face planted when I saw how much RAM you had o,O
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NueiProfessional Digital Artist
So you changed from SAI to clip studio Paint! I saw the review just before coming here and wondered if it would be as awesome as it seemed, but this really makes me wanna try it!
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NyanohaHobbyist Digital Artist
i have Clip Studio, and its like SAI and Photoshop all in one. it is really good. you should try it :D
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Very nice, I admire the setup. Keep up the great work!
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MikaMikkaStudent Digital Artist
Redjuice, I was just wondering what is the standard size in pixels of most of your works? I understand that the scale is pretty small when posted on deviantart, but is it larger when you are making it?
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ZARAo-oStudent Traditional Artist
Why do you need two monitors? Is one normal size and the other bigger so you can see more detail
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NueiProfessional Digital Artist
I got to use two monitors when i started working on my cintiq, and its awesome. You can keep reference on one screen and the drawing program on the other. Or a skype call, or youtube, facebook, tumblr, a livestream, anything! It just takes you a sideway glimpse, you dont have to open any window on the top of your work and interrupt it :)
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ZARAo-oStudent Traditional Artist
Oh ok cool, Thanks for telling me >.<
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loneblueblossomStudent Writer
Some people just like the whole idea of two monitors- it usually gives people a larger space to work on (and multitask for that matter).
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We all love you, Redjuice-san!

I have a little question. What paper do you use for drawing? :3
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loneblueblossomStudent Writer
He doesn't use paper- he is a digital artist- not traditional.
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I've seen some of his sketchbook art before, and I liked the paper he was using...
Probably just regular, I guess xD
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ultimatesolProfessional Digital Artist
pretty rich u are..
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HirukunekoHobbyist Digital Artist
omg 24GB of ram o_o
that's awesome
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JIYkpHobbyist General Artist
Would it be possible to explain how you configured your hard drives?
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ippotskHobbyist Digital Artist
Ha ha, you say you are not good at English, but I think you speak better English than some people here. :rofl:

"Tools that I am using is written because there were dozen questions."

Oh wow, sorry sir. I guess everyone just wants to know how you make your drawings look so good. ^^;
Your equipments seem to cost a lot. Especially your computer specs. But I guess it is worth it in the end.
Thank you for sharing, sir. :D
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maybe he use interpreter? ;u;

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ippotskHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, either that, or he's just kinda fluent with his English.
...If he actually was, then that would be so damn cool. ;u;
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beck13Professional General Artist
ooh is that a sony v6?
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RiightedHobbyist Digital Artist
Talk about 512MB RAM ._.
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Fenris31Hobbyist Digital Artist
And my goal is set *w*
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