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redjuice's Brush Set for CLIP STUDIO PAINT

By redjuice999
redjuice's Brush Set for CLIP STUDIO PAINT (1.3 Pro/EX)

Please enjoy it :D


© 2014 - 2021 redjuice999
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I've been looking for these brushes 😭

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these are great, i use the oil pastel one soooooooo much

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Thank you these are super handy.

Thanks so much for these. Not sure why the download wasnt working before but it isn now.

the juice has been sipped

Thank you so much!

thanks for sharing!

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im trying to download it but this isnt working

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Best brushes. This is all i need

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very nice,thank you

Transitioning to digital art and someone recommended these brushes.Thank you!

thank you!

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Thank you very much! The flat brushes are particularly interesting to me. I'm going to test them ASAP! :)

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These are among some of the first brushes I've downloaded and tried out for CSP when I first got it like 2 years ago and I still use the two pencil brushes near daily. They're my main drawing/sketching/lining brushes and I love them a lot.

Recommending this pack whenever I can.

Thank you for making and sharing these!

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These look lovely, thank you for sharing them~!

how do i import them into clip studio paint?

where do I get them from?

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These are the exact kind of brushes I were looking for! Thank you for making these.

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Woah, I'm going to check these out! You're one of my inspirations and I admire your art. Thanks.

How do u download this via chrome? T^T

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