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Personal works.
The technique of this illustration is explained in detail in the book of :
Let's Make Characte CG Illust Technique vol.3 feat. redjuice
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very nice bro,i really apreciate your art 
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This style reminds me a lot of Guilty Crown. Nice.
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he was the character designer
Hazama15's avatar

Well now I feel a bit silly.

But in awe. Loads and loads of awe.
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beatless dystopia characters??
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Is the background 3d or a photo?
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in his book he says its made in 3d (C4D, XSI)
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It has been YEARS since I saw this drawing.
And I still love it!
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Glad to know that when you get cyborg legs they let you keep your butt
NAVeX-Sniper's avatar
Evangelion plugsuits 2.0!
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Wow, gorgeous artwork. I especially like the use of colours on the characters in contrast to the grays and browns of the background.
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It's Just AMAZING !!!!

Thanks for this beautifull view !
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Awesome Just Awesome!!!!
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i like the lighting and ..well everything else hehe trying to sound like a pro
abnormail = love
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Loving the girl in red :la:
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Someone has traced your works. [link]
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