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Doujinshi Cover Illustration.
Comic Market 78 New Release.
Tokyo Big Site (Ariake)
August 15th(Sun)
西あ20a (West Hall "あ"20a)
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WOW! That work is really awesome! Great pose, amazing details and colors!
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and by re-posted they mean recreated, I think I did a top notch job. I understand if you want me to remove it but i was wondering if i may please keep it up ive linked to yours say it's the original i merely remade it It's kinda what i do. sorry i didn't find it originally i found it via google search
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Someone is trying to claim this pic as them drawing it.…
Mortualia's avatar
love the perspective
Toraimu's avatar
The dress remind me of Inori's dress in the All Alone With You CD Cover! :D
Pulemyot's avatar
In All Alone with You, The girl presented in the video is actually Chelly's, Inori's vocal actress, character design, and not Inori. Same f
Toraimu's avatar
oh seriously?
everyone i knew said that it was Inori, i feel kinda... cheated?
well, thanks for pointing that! :D
Pulemyot's avatar
You're welcome! Just a fun fact, but the girl who sang in that song was the vocal actress for Inori, if you didn't know. Wait... I think I already said that... :P
Pulemyot's avatar
Same for the CD cover*
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love that dress design
Z-O-L-A's avatar
I need that dress <3
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looks so great
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Wow :iconasdfghplz: you left me speechless, so speechless..
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Wow !!!!
U are my favourite artist !!!!
mangonomnom's avatar
i love the movement how she's dashing forward with like ice breaking behind her or something like that!! so epic ><
CowardMontblanc's avatar
Reminds me of Guilty Crown! Nice work. It's very intriguing!
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seriously... I want to be like you XD
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I really want to be as good as you one day. And I'm seriously wishing you're in your 30s or something, cause if you're actually my age, I'm going to end up with a major infiriority complex.
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Ugh I'll get as good as you someday... XD
AkiRyuuShiki's avatar
Redjuiceさんのアートスタイルは本当に素敵です :D
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