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NiriX (AIMP4)

By redix90
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Name: NiriX
Author: Arindel
Version: 1.41
Requirements: AIMP4
Source file included: Yes

Change Log:
1.41 (12.02.2016)
- added scrollbar to Tab list, it will show up when there are too many tabs.

1.4 (08.01.2016)
- Added Large Track Info. Just an additional line, it's not much larger.
- Changed the order of playing info at Quick File Info window to be consistent with Large Track Info.
- Simplified and added icons to customization menu.
- Tray Control: When hovering mouse cursor over controls, they will appear smoothly animated instead of instantly.

Update (23.11.2015)
- Included Source project file in the package.

1.32 (10.09.2015)
- Moved Group Expanding button from right side to left side because of an overlapping issue.

1.31 (10.09.2015)
- Fixed an inconsistency in some texts

1.3 (10.09.2015)
- Added Album Art in Track Info panel as option
- Tweaked Group Titles (no more indent, has underline now). What was I thinking back then!?

1.2 (29.08.2015)
- Added info text in Tray Control about what's playing; only appears when cursor is not in player
- Fixed bottom right buttons hit masks in Tray Control
- Changed colors in Filter Box from Media Library
- Adjusted Media Library scrollbars again

1.1 (28.08.2015)
- Fixed bottom right buttons hit masks
- Added a tooltip hint to 4th Playlist button while in Media Library
- Improved scrollbars in Media Library
- Fixed Search button from left panel, it now opens Advanced Search instead of doing nothing

1.0 (27.08.2015)
-initial release

If you wish to show your support or appreciation by donating, you can do so by following this link:
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Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the source project file!!
It's the best
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2 request, if possible:
1) volume control in minimize window
2) version of the skin without album art in minimize window
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Great theme for AIMP4. Clean, simple and the library works correctly. My favourite. +1

I would like to add a couple requests.

1. Differentiate between smart playlists and normal playlists. Maybe underline the playlist name like other skins.
2. Add a indicator (a scroll bar or some shadows) around the playlist-name display area so we know when we can scroll.

Thanks for the skin.
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1. There's already some diferentiation in tab name. Just between the tab icon and tab name there's a small icon that's pointing to right. That indicates it's smart playlist. I don't think it's possible to change that.
2. Not sure what you mean.
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Thanks for the reply.

1. It seems I had a misunderstanding on how Smart Playlists work. Didn't realize you must add at least one rule. (Arrow works) :)
2. What I meant was that we can't figure out from the ui if there are more playlist items than that are currently displayed. In the media library view there is a scroll bar which makes it clear that there are more items below.
    playlist ->
    media library ->
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Alright, updated. Thank you for the suggestion, it's a good one.
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Thanks. Now my AIMP is complete. :D
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My favourite skin for AIMP4. Good job. Thanks!
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Thanks a lot for the source file!!

They are in AIMP RC2 now, so I don't think they will make any more important changes to the skin engine.
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Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the feedback!

I've just updated the package to include the source file for anyone who wants to modify/create variations to their liking.
- Included source file in the package. For normal usage only the NiriX.acs4 is necessary.

Took me a bit to upload the source file, had to be sure the AIMP4 Beta won't screw up my skin and project file badly. I still hope, but don't want drag the wait pointlessly. it is.
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This skin is very beautiful. I like it.
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This could be, I guess, also considered a little bug: when a playlist is selected in the left panel, if you place the mouse pointer over this playlist name the name disappears.
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Reporting a mini bug this time: If "enable groups" is not set for an specific (or all) playlist, then the scroll bar is over the song time duration info:
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Thanks, will fix in a minute. Somehow I missed this.
Edit: Fixed in 1.32.
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I love it! I am probably switching form heart's desire to this one. I would also like a dark style version if possible!


- I would love an additional option to have the album art integrated in the slim song info panel instead of the left panel so I could some more room for my playlists (I uploaded a mockup to show what I mean:

- I like a little bit bigger the button to show Aimp when its hidden in one of the sides of the screen.

- Will there be integration of the waveform panel view as in the default Aimp4 plugin? I think its a cool feature!

- My only complain: somehow the list of songs felt more clear on heart's desire when having playlists with different songs from different albums (as in the picture, I think it confuses me that the album tittle is indented and in bold font in a almost opposite arrangement than on heart's desire.

Good job, and thanks for inverting time on this!.
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Thanks! Like I said before, no promises about dark version.

- Album art in Info panel, done.
- Bigger dock unhide buttons, bad idea, several people asked for even smaller buttons or completely remove them. I'll just leave it at default.
- No waveform.
- I never actually liked group titles, but was ok with it anyway. Tweaked, maybe you'll like the new version.
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So quick! :o (Eek)  thanks a lot!

You know what? you are totally right about the unhide button, I already got used to it just how it is now... (but removing them? how would you unhide the player then ¿?). The waveform, now that I think of it, its probably something that looks fun the first 30 minutes and then it is just wasting space in the skin, so thanks for not considering it haha.

Group titles are perfect now, its the changed it needed! just being meticulous I wonder if the font for the song names in the playlist could be a little bit thinker to get more contrast with the background when album art on background (I don't really know if it is a good idea), also I don't know if it would be possible to have the "switches column" at the right, I disabled them for now because it feels more clear the playlist without it.

This is just an extra suggestion, but I understand is a very personal preference, just.. what do you think?: I was thinking that maybe mixing the track info with the player buttons would be a great idea to people who prefers the album art in the right side of the panel... this way it saves space and:
- album art can be bigger
- Tittle and artist fonts can be a bit bigger
- Song progress bar can be just a bit higher to make it easier to jump to different time positions.

I made another quick mockup for this, I am not sure about the distribution of buttons and info, but I do like the idea of having just one bar instead of two:

Thanks again, and tell me what you think.

Last thing: have you thought of uploading your skins to Aimp website so more people can see it? or do you prefer to have it only here so you can have feedback from other devianart users?
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No more changes, most of the design is already set in stone, the problem with requests is, everybody wishes for something to be different in a skin eventually. It's not possible to please everyone, that's why I don't generally take requests unless it benefits everyone.

Playlist is very readable even with a black album art though, maybe it depends on monitor?. The bottom bar you've designed looks good except position bar, it blocks resizing window. Also, while it saves spaces, it can seem more cluttered.
You'll be able to edit it yourself when I release the source file once I finished it.

I'll upload the skin to Aimp website when it's more finished, their website is not friendly at all when it comes to navigating their forums. I can only hope they'll make forums in english.
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Fair enough! I am more than happy with how it is.. If you release the source in the future then I can play more with it and maybe do something custom just for me :).

Well, at least they have some sections of the forums for english speakers!
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Looks really good!, Would be nice if you could make another alternative version in grey or blue :)
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I don't like it. And I don't like 4-th version. It even forced me to switch a player :(
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As far as I know Aimp 4 can behave almost exactly as Aimp 3 if you don't want to use the new features. It also works with Aimp 3 skins... I wonder what is it that you don't like of Aimp 4.
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Your skins are always top notch, and no exception here. one question though. dark version? :)

thanks for the share!
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Thank you!

Dark style, the most appreciated style of all times? =P (Razz) 

Maybe, I don't know. I'll probably experiment after I'm done with all fixing and possible features if AIMP4 devs adds any more. I don't promise anything, so it's best not to expect it.
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