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May 16, 2013
Heart's Desire by ~redix90 Heart's desire may be exactly what you need - a premium quality skin for AIMP!
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Heart's Desire



Name: Heart's Desire
Author: Arindel
Version: 1.2 (Final)
Requirement: Aimp3.50 (download it here:… )

In this skin you can customize what to appear and what not. You can also add some shading and change certain parts to appear in different locations.
You can enable Design options by pressing the Gear icon (top left corner of main window). There you have most of options.

I hope you like it!

- Fixed: radio button wouldn't dissapear when in Stopped state in File Info large size.
- Added Tabs width options for Vertical Tabs.
- Fixed Visual Display menus. Right-click always opens "Mode/Visualization/Skins" now.
- Adjusted "Tabs width - medium" size so that it is balanced between original size and large size.
- Made "Tabs width" to reflect better if they are available or not. Shortly: they are very dark if Vertical Tabs is not enabled.
- Added Equalizer as an option to Simple mode. You can chose between File Info and Equalizer in Design Options. Note: they are disabled if you have disabled Complex/Simple switch.
- Changed Radio capture icon. Hopefuly better.
- Adjusted: File Info can't be changed if it's disabled.
- Adjusted: Preset button from EQ can be right-clicked to acces DSP Manager quickly.
- Fixed: radio button wouldn't dissapear when in Stopped state in File Info large size. Again.
- !! Embedded SegoeUI fonts in the skin so that everyone will get the exactly same look. Before, having your SegoeUI font modified would make the skin different. That's the reason why the skin is over 1mb size now.
- Fixed: Shading option 4 for Tray-Control. Should look better.
- Adjusted other minor things.
- Added an option to disable or enable Title indenting. Not everyone likes indenting.
- Fixed other minor things.
- Fixed the problems caused by the update to AIMP 3.50 RC2 build 1270.
- Fixed another issue from Aimp3.50 RC2 update.
1.2 (Final):
- Nothing modified. Compiled with the final version of Skin Editor 3.50 so that I can sleep well without thinking of this as a Beta anymore.
- This is pretty much the last update it will get unless I find critical issues.

11 Feb. 2015:
- fixed an empty 1px gap at bottom
If you wish to show your support or appreciation by donating, you can do so by following this link:
PayPal link:…
Thanks in advance! 
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My favorit and only one skin! New version cooming??