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Name: Epilogue
Version: 1.1b
Author: Arindel

A dark skin with more of a minimal design but not overdone.
EQ is available as a lite version, only toggle and presets, no sliders.
For visualizations, right click on the cover.


- skin functionality was messed up after an update of AIMP, now it should work as intended

16.02.2013 (unversioned update)
- fixed a pixel that was out of place.
- Quick File Info should be dockable with Aimp3.5 beta without any graphical issues.

- added shadows for texts under Cover Art
- added Rating under Cover Art
- playlist is smaller with 80px (4 tabs are visible now instead of 5)
- initial release.

Let me know if something is wrong. If you wish the wallpaper, you can download it at:
© 2012 - 2021 redix90
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very nice work thank you
mikejon45's avatar
working fine at present...
nice work...many thanks :)
does not work with version AIMP v3.60 Build 1479
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Thanks for notice, didn't realize it wasn't working at all. Updated, try re-downloading the skin.
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Hats off to you the author of this lovely work. Thanks  for sharing. Have a great day!!+fav Clap 
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OMG! This my playlist :D
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One of the best AIMP3 skins! :+fav:
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perfect work guy
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Best skin I could find. Excellent job.
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Well done!

Clean and functional design + interface. A real treat!
can you send a project file on my email
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Sorry, no. Why would you want it is questionable though.
I love your cover but I would like something to change only small parts
Change italic font for icons or for a bold font
scroll bars for volume and length like on the image on the left
and a little bigger font for artist title and other on the left and add the line album instead rating
probably thats all
can you do that, sorry for my english
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Well, this is going to be awkward:

First, these changes are a matter of tastes. I can't cater to everyone's tastes.

Second, I don't really like the changes you would do, but again, it's a matter of tastes.

Third: While I would like to give you the project file to do it yourself, I can't do so. There is no guarantee you won't post it on another site claiming it's yours. Even if my "best friend forever" would ask for it, I wouldn't give it away. Safety first.

And last one... when I make a skin, I do it according to my tastes. And I share. Some changes are accepted if they are useful to everyone such as smaller playlist.

TL:DR: Nope, sorry.
ok, thanks for the reply[link]
Please add arrows to the playlists, so we can switch them much more faster. Thanks.
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You can use mouse wheel to switch between tabs, I find it even faster. Just move the cursor over any tab and use the wheel.
Aww, I didn't know that. Now everything is just perfect, including your skin. Well done!
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If you ever get around making a non-all-in-on version, that would be amazing, otherwise great job.
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отличный скин :) юзаю уже неделю, зависимость есть
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this is functional and clean, well done.
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