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Name: Eclipse
Author: Arindel
Version: 1.1a
Requirement: Aimp3.55 (download it here:… )
Source File: Included in package

Tailor your skin any way you want! You want tabs on bottom? Can do. Big Cover on left or right side? Also possible.

(!) More options can be found by pressing the second button at top left corner of main window. There you have most of options.

I hope you like it!

Change log:
- fixed certain elements not being saved;
- (!)Added source project file;
- Improved Tray-Control;
- Added top/bottom dock arrows;
- Increased brightness of playlist selected items;
- Fixed: top-most button in Tray-Control;
- initial release;

If you wish to show your support or appreciation by donating, you can do so by following this link:
PayPal link:…
Thanks in advance!
© 2013 - 2020 redix90
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Good skin, thank you.
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Very nice, Thank you!
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Sadman-New-OrderHobbyist Photographer
Really nice one,  like it and good working on my old laptop too *thumbs up * for that
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Arindel, would it be possible for me to maybe talk you into enabling visualization for the album-art area?
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I'm afraid I don't plan on updating this furthermore unless it's bug fixing caused by AIMP updates.
Y-N-1-F's avatar
NP. Ihave the ac3proj file, so I can do it myself mate.

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Thanks, awesome skin!
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aquinobrianHobbyist Interface Designer
gracias por la actualizacion 1.1a
thanks for the update 1.1a
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I'm having a small issue, bud:

Often, when I start AIMP3, with this skin installed, part of my customizations aren't saved...Like I have the skin set for the solid dark color (as in my screenshot below), sharp corners. But, like I said, upon opening the program fresh, the skin reverts a bit (it will have rounded corners and one of the borders--usually the bottom one--will be the white style).

It's not that big of a deal, mind you, because I still love the skin...but it's a small aggravation having to re-set my customizations each time.
Do you know why this is happening? What I can do to stop it from happening?

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Thanks for the notice!

I've fixed it even though it was technically correct already. Weird...

Updated it, try the newer version.
Y-N-1-F's avatar
Day 2, so far so GOOD!

Awesome Peach by Y-N-1-F  
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Thanks, that's good to hear! :)
Y-N-1-F's avatar
OK!--Great man! I'll try it for a couple of days, then let you know. Thanks!
Y-N-1-F's avatar
This is such a cool skin! Wow! Just love the dark config, sharp corners, no gloss:

Capture by Y-N-1-F  

Like 4SK wrote, perfect. 
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4SKHobbyist Interface Designer
wuuuooooww :D perfect ;)
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Friend you plan to add the option to hide the playlist?
what happens is that I add my music library to aimp and just change the songs with commands and if I want a particularly advanced only ago a search and find what I want and so i do not need the playlist
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ryan1mcqHobbyist Interface Designer
amazing work! :D
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lynucsHobbyist Interface Designer
Good job Sir.  This is a very nice theme, crisp design and solid. :thumbsup:
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Great skin,i keep it
thanks for the job and the big share :)
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Clap :happybounce:
Awesome skin!!! Good work!!Hug

But i cant find button for record radio streams and button for save playlist as .m3u format and so on :( (Sad)

Can you help me, pls ;) (Wink) ?
redix90's avatar
You can save playlist by right-clicking on the Tab.

As for record radio, that button doesn't exist yet.
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looks good, nice work
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This skin is very awesome, but i have a problem. What's the use of the box when aimp in minimize. I click on it, but nothing happpen.
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