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Commercial licenses, for those of you that can't/don't want to credit are here: www.obsidiandawn.com/commercia…

I don't keep up with notes on dA very well. If you need to contact me to ask for clarification, please do so at my website.

* These brushes can be used for prints. You don't need to note me and ask.

 If you use one of my brushes/stock, please credit me somewhere.  If you use it here on dA, feel free to credit me as redheadstock.  However, if you use my stuff anywhere else, you must credit me as Obsidian Dawn (www.obsidiandawn.com).

 If you can't credit me, you'll need to purchase a commercial license for just $3.  Information on commercial licenses can be found here

Please do not re-package any of the brushes contained in any of the sets and attempt to pass them off as your own! As these brushes now work in the latest versions of GIMP, I am no longer allowing them to be converted.  Those that are up don't have to take them down, but please don't convert them anymore.

Providing credit:

* Provide credit to me somewhere.  If used here on dA, feel free to credit me as redheadstock.  If you use them anywhere else, however, you must credit me either as “Obsidian Dawn” or www.obsidiandawn.com

 * If you use these brushes or patterns, you must be able to credit me alongside their usage anywhere they are displayed.  If you cannot do that, you may purchase a commercial license.

 * That’s it! Enjoy!


 * You MAY post information about my resources on your websites without needing to contact me for permission.

 * You may NOT host my files on your server or link to my files directly. You MUST send the user to the resource on obsidiandawn.com for the download. Again, you can do this without needing to contact me for permission. If you are looking to host the files themselves, special permissions are given for this - contact us.

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SebxqueHobbyist Digital Artist

I have a little question, i'm a Clip Studio Paint user and really wish to know if your restriction about conversions is only concerning the conversion PS --> Gimp or all conversions in general.

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katamariluvHobbyist General Artist
If I may ask, please, to use your resources for commercial use of any kind, will users need to buy a license, or can we use them for commercial use for free as long as we credit you?
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Livia25Hobbyist General Artist
A question I have.
For example : if I make commissions and I add your brushes on these for good effects is okay?

And is okay if I credit you by showing the link of your site on my posted my artwork on Instagram and Tumblr too?
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redheadstockProfessional General Artist
That's fine, but for commissions, you may want a license. Depending on what its for, but generally you'd need one. You can purchase licenses on my website for $3 per set (which lasts forever, and you can use it unlimited amounts of times in your work) at obsidiandawn.com
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Livia25Hobbyist General Artist
Owww... I see. Thanks anyway
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Xpert03Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im a bit confused.
So whenever we create something involving what you have, we give you credit no matter what?
Sorry if i got that confused-
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redheadstockProfessional General Artist
Yep. If you use my copyrighted property anywhere, even if you're adding it in with a bunch of other stuff, you need to credit me for it. Right alongside or on top of the object or product or image.

If you don't want to do that, I have licenses available for only $3 that then allows you to do anything you want with these without needing to credit me (short of reselling them, of course) :)
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InfernalHunterArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Used here: Este (new version)
Thank you! 
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Thanks so much!
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LadySeshiiriaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
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shifter124Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Stay strong.
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freyalessHobbyist General Artist
Where should I put information about how I used brushes from you? Just in the description of the graphics?
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So the rules say that it is okay to use the brushes as long as I credit you somewhere, say, in the artist description? 

I don't have any clue on how to credit on the image itself 
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Thank you great work.
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Thank you !
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have a question- i am tagger been tagging since 2014 i do not know a whole lot about brushe i use photoshop cs6 i make tags for people to use on facebook- may i use these on my tags i make- they would normally be used on clusterframes tut challenges .. and are we allow to change the color of them . can u please let me know thanks . 
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redheadstockProfessional General Artist
You can't use these in tags that you will be distributing to others without buying a license.

The reason for that is that wherever they're used without a license, you need to display credit to my website, ObsidianDawn.com. You can't very well ask the people you distribute them to to credit me everywhere. You could put credit ON the tag itself, if possible. Otherwise, you'd need a license. You can read about them here: www.obsidiandawn.com/commercia…

You can of course change the color of them, as Photoshop brushes, that's kinda what they're made for. :)
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YinYang1019Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ..
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