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Micro Patterns Photoshop Patterns

Photoshop 7, CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 2+

These patterns should all be mostly seamless (a few of the patterns don't lend themselves well to seamless, but they're close). They are made up of a bunch of different "micro patterns" - small, simple patterns that would work well for any number of purposes. You could use the different "dots" brushes to add to an image and make it look like newspaper print, for example. Includes: circles, dots, dashes, grids, squares, scales, twirls, waves, zigzags, and just about any type of lines! This set also comes as brushes (but if you want mostly seamless, stick to the patterns). The brush set is found here.

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Thanks,very nice!

Terrific!!! 👏👏👏

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Thanks for the patterns. I'll use them in ornamenting vintage text.

Thank you very much

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Great work, thanks.

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how do i add the patterns to photoshop? sorry for the rookie question
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Thanks a million 
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Please can you tell me how to use them ? Do I need to download them ? But zip is request :( (??)
Thank you for you help !
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Sure! There's a link on my website to where you can grab them there. Then once you get there, there's a button right next to the download button that says "How to Install?" and that'll walk you through it.
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Than you so much for the explanations ! Do we have to pay to install it ?
Also, can I use those for commercial purpose ?
If I use them as pattern for my mang...?
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