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Floral Photoshop Patterns

Brushes: 17
Photoshop 7, CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 2+

A set of Photoshop patterns made up of various floral patterns. Some are just flowers, some have some swirls, others have some leaves and stems (foliage), etc. All are, of course, entirely seamless.

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Licenses available for those who can't credit:…
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Beautiful thanks😁😍🤩

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downloaded thank you.

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Brilliant, thanks!
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Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art work! x
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So beautiful..Good work sir/mam..Amazing!
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it's opening as a GIMP file and I can't see it in GIMP
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Yeah, I don't think that GIMP really allows for PAT files, which are what Photoshop patterns are.  You can use Photoshop BRUSHES in GIMP, but I don't think you can use patterns.

I could be wrong, but that's what I"ve heard - so that's why I list these as Photoshop only.

However, this set just happens to have an image pack that you can grab for it, which are the JPGs I use to make the patterns. Follow the link in the description for the licenses, and there'll be a download link below the regular download link. You're looking for the image pack.

Hope this helps!
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Thank you very much! :)
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how would you use these patterns? they're really pretty btw 
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Awesome Patterns.. Check out some of the clothes you helped design on  Thanks a billion :)
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Thank you so much for this! I couldn't remember where one of the flower patterns I had came from, so I'm really happy I found out where!
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Downloaded and faved.
Please ,use this comment as a kind of "forever-credit",because it would be very possible to forget credit you when I use your stock since I am so "crazy"...
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So pretty! Thank you!
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