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Isis is often known as 'the most complete goddess', as she was associated with so many aspects of life. Reincarnation, magic, motherhood, protection, the moon and marriage are only a few things the Egyptians attributed to her.
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GideonMcDuck's avatar
This is great! Please, can I use this for a video about egyptian mythology?
a-queen-of-witches's avatar
She's one of my favorite deities Love 
CoolKiddIce's avatar
That's cool Isis is my name.👍🏾😊
cullyferg2010's avatar
She must be quite busy covering all those bases.  Still, I love this presentation of her.
Gossamer1357's avatar
She is possibly the most loyal and most cunning / wise goddess in all of Egyptian Mythology and I really admire her so much. The lengths that she went through to find and revive Osiris is incredible and also to protect a hours from Seth as well. Beautiful painting and I love her headress!
JorgieGirl1's avatar
Gorgeous artwork!  I am a coordinator for The Sisterhood Alliance and would love to use this piece in an article we are publishing for our launch.  Please let me know if that would be ok!  Thank you and keep up the amazing work.  
redheaded-step-child's avatar
That would be fine, and thank you.
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Too bad she was never an actual Egyptian Goddess despite what highly romanized Egyptian mythos will teach you.
OH MY GOD I'm freaking out with your art!! It's so beautiful, I'm mind blown!! Congratulations!!

This one reminds of one of the best teachers I've ever had in my entire life, a History teacher who spent like 3 classes telling us the story of Osiris and other Egipcians gods.
spring-sky's avatar
I just wanted to let you know that this piece had been featured in my journal
Have a nice day :iconpinkballoonplz:
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wow I favorited his already and forgot it! shame on me! this pic is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
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By my reckoning, Isis the the world's first known superheroine. That is one of the reasons I asked for this picture to be featured in the group about public domain heroes and other characters.

I am particularly fond of the skin tones in this piece. Most of the other portraits of Isis on DA are colored in a way that she looks questionably pale. This color looks about right to me.
daughterofbastet's avatar
Agreed. Still searching for other properly toned Isis pics, and I've yet to find one.
xtcgm's avatar
Thank you for lodging Isis with "The-Gods-Themselves". She will be most welcomed.
Blessed be,
my-my-my-666's avatar
your work is sublime. <3
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for i am first and the last
i am the venerated and the despised
i am the prostitute and the saint
i am the wife and the virgin
i am the mother and the daughter
i am the arms of my mother
i am barren and my children are many
i am the married woman and the spinster
i am the woman who gives birth and she who never procreated
i am the consolation for the pain of birth
i am the wife and the husband
and it was my man who created me
i am the mother of my father
i am the sister of my husband
and he is my rejected son
always respect me
for i am the shameful and the magnificent one
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That was just beautiful ~surthrival
anjaleck's avatar
Hi! :wave:

I would like to let you know that I've featured your incredible art :winner: in my journal. :pointr: [link] :pointl:
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wow... you did great with Egyptian goddesses too! I would like to add this also, if possible to add some of your works about myth in my site. I am really impressed by your art!
redheaded-step-child's avatar
Of course, and thank you! :)
Rhosebard's avatar
Very powerfully done! Blessings.
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