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Commission: Spidey n Firestar

Commission artwork for :iconbobko:


11x17 brsitol | 2H & HB Pencil | PS11

Spider-man & Firestar is (c) Marvel
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Great illo ! Yeah, I think the original idea was Spider-Man teamed with the Human Torch and Iceman, but they wanted a girl on the team. So, they put the Torch and Mary Jane in a blender, and created Firestar. Honestly, I thought she would've been a fantastic romantic interest for Spidey. This illustration has a nice feel of how protective he was of Angelica. And stress how well his blue and red costume works next to her yellow and red costume.
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One of the things I remember about the old Spiderman and his Amazing Friends show,
was that Angelica Jones seemed to have been (suspiciously) designed to look like MJ.
The perfect couple. Nice job on the artwork.
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I remember this scene from the cartoon, Spiderman and his Amazing Friends.. She was knocked unconscious and Spidey picked her up and carried her to safety.. Nice rendering..
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in 8th grade I had to combine two superheros and draw what I thought their child would look like...these two were the parents :D my creation was Firespider
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Beautiful- I love the softness.
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Long time ago i was a great fan of his adventures with Firestar and Iceman. Good pic.
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I really like this. It takes me back to Spider-man and his amazing friends.
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nasan si Iceman? :D
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wow, redge... u did it again! excellent job! more!
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Great colors, nice a bright. great work:D
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Astig!.. Pang-Marvel Vs. Capcom yung style mo talaga! Hahah..

I love how you did Spidey.. Plus I havent seen Firestar in a while. Nice to see here again. Tulog nga lang. Hahah..

Hope you get more and more commissions, bro! :D
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hehehe tnx man! medyo hirap pa rin ako sa proportions... :D
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nice! i love the old spidey design.
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