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The Baron Harkonnen

By RedGeOrb
Well, a Dune Movie is on view now, and the actor Stellan Skarsgard have been cast to play the infamous Baron Harkonnen.

It's a great cast, but I think Vicent D'onofrio is a greater cast, and this painting is here to illustrate why.

What Do you think?

Photoshop, Huion tablet, with references

The Content is a JPG files for print. 80x45cm 300dp (or 30x15p 300ppi)
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He looks like a medieval warlord version of the kingpin, great job!
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I didn't even know that they were making a new Dune movie. Excellent painting. 
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Stunning work. I love how you use light and darkness. Strong composition too.
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A excellent painting!

Sadly, the Jodorowsky version would probably been the best, but we'll never  know now.

My idea for a version of DUNE with Louis de Funès as Baron Harkonnon is also obviously never going to happen either. But the more I think about it, the more I like the idea, although that's just me.
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I always picture the baron as an imposant person, so I can’t see de Funès...

i think the jodorowsky would have been crazy, but probably not a good film in the traditional point of view. But surely a gorgeous one
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de Funès as Harkonnen is not really a serious suggestion. I just like de Funès...

I vaguely seem to remember that Jodorowsky wanted Orson Welles for Harkonnen. Which would have been great. 

I am afraid I have a bad habit of imagining absurd film adaptations of DUNE. For instance, what if DUNE had been adapted as a 12-part movie serial by Republic Pictures in, say 1948? Yes, I know this is impossible, but let's say we have a time machine and can sneak a copy of the book onto the desk of Herbert Yates, owner of Republic Pictures.

It would, of course, be retitled KING OF THE DESERT FREMEN (since most later Republic movie serials had, for some reason the word "king" in the title, like KING OF THE ROCKETMEN, etc.) The novel would be adapted into 12 separate parts, each one fifteen minutes long, shown one after another, one every week to kids on Saturday afternoon showings, accompanying a double feature of two Republic western movies. All this and some cartoons would cost a kid 10 cents, not including popcorn)

Republic did not like to spend a lot of money on serials, so the scope of the film might be somewhat smaller, Bronson Canyon (you've sen Bronson Canyon, Los Angeles many times, if you've ever seen old American B-movie Westerns) would be used for planet Arrakis, and Republic would certainly have repainted and reused many of the sets and props they had left over from older films. And so, Baron Harkonnen would have an army of Death Robots, who would really be this fellow:…

...used over and over again in Republic serials. Maybe for KING OF THE DESERT FREMEN the Death Robot would have the Harkonnen crest painted on his side, or maybe not.

Every fifteen-mute chapter ends with Paul Atrides about to perish due to some scheme of the evil Baron, and in order to find out if their hero escaped death this time, the kids would have to wait another week and pay another ten cents to see how Paul Atrides escaped. The chapters would had titles like CHAPTER SIX - MENACE OF THE DEATH ROBOTS or CHAPTER NINE - ATTACK OF THE SANDWORM. The last chapter might be CHAPTER 12 - SECRET OF THE SPICE in which the good Space Emperor shows up, the villanous Baron is destroyed by his own Death Robots malfunctioning and causing a catastrophic cave-in and explosion at the Baron's desert hideout. Truth, Justice and the Arrakis Way triumph! I see the villainous Baron being played by the supreme serial villain Charles Middleton, Kirk Ayre as Paul Atrides, and the rest of the Republic Pictures movie serial stock company playing various thugs, wisecracking best friends, as needed.

I would like to have the female actress most associated with Republic Pictures, Vera Hruba Ralston in a female role in this serial ( Paul's Fremen girlfriend?) but that could never happen, because Vera Hruba Ralston was studio head Herbert Yate's girlfriend and, later, his wife. Yates was madly in love with Vera, and tried to make her into a Hollywood star, and he would never have let her appear in a cheap serial intended for an audience of kids. Instead, Yates featured her in expensive costume and historical films, movies far too expensive for Republic to afford, all of which failed because Vera Hruba Ralston, a former ice skater, could not act and had some difficulty with the English language. This led to the eventual bankruptcy of Republic Pictures, a movie studio sacrificed for love. Well, maybe it was worth it:


You decide*. She was with him when he died and that's better than dying alone, without anyone who even pretends to care.

KING OF THE DESERT FREMEN is a film that could never exist, and if it did exist, it would be a terrible adaptation of DUNE. But I like to think it might somehow exist, somewhere, in whatever impossible universe, just as I like to think that Vera Hruba Ralston really did love Herbert J. Yates, that I will not have to die alone, and a lot of other possibly foolish things.

(This comment really went on too long. Sorry.)

*Not everyone is a believer in romance. In 1947 "two Republic stockholders file suit against Yates for having used company assets to promote his wife as a star and having given her brother producer status at salary far beyond industry worth." Well, love can be a little expensive, sometimes.
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Oh and Nic cage as Feyd Rrautha
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I can imagine an 80's Dune by the CANNON with Ugo Toniazzi for the baron, youngTom cruise for Muad'dib adn mel Gibson for Duncan Idaho ^^
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I could have easily seen D'onofrio as The Baron, he has that build and that intimidating presence and as we've seen in roles such as Wilson Fisk he's a force to be reckoned with. Nothing personal against Skarsgard and I think he's a great actor but the part should have gone to D'onofrio. This is amazing work btw. 
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I am not usually one for "realistic" or "professional" drawings like yours. Sorry if I can't explain them any other way. They are beyond my level of artistry to be honest, so I have few words to explain them.

I do love Dune however and your rendition of Baron Harkonnen reminded me of Giger's original sketches of Harkonnen designs and architecture for cancelled Jodorowsky's Dune adaptation. It has a similar air of bio-mechanical grotesqueness to it.

P.S. thanks for the thanks for my fav.
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Can't really conjure up an awesome picture in the comment section like you but hey, I tried. And by the way, I still enjoy parts of Lynch's Dune, even if it is far from perfect. Well, far from GOOD to be frank. Still, I like some of the costumes and practical set designs.
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... i liked the Movie a lot 
Nice Work :) 
cardboardmemory's avatar
that character freaked me the fuck out as a child
DarkShosh's avatar
Wow, possibly the best Baron since long time here. I love your vision.
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Thank you very much!
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Cool depiction of the character, and yeah he's a good fit for him!
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Super taf encore.

Tu bosses super vite je trouve, on ressent bien l'ambiance, le visage est vraiment sympa, tu gères là dedans. Le design du plastron est bien coule aussi. ;-)

A quand les Muad'dib?
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Je l'ai fait en 9 heures environs. Mais je n'ai fait aucune recherche de compo ou autre car j'avais une idée très précise du résultat final. J'en ai juste chié pour l'armure, mais avec les refs, c'est a allé.
En tout cas, merci !
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Your drawing style make it look spooky, the colors and the perspective make it look epic <3 Awesome job !
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Man, this reminds me I should relly finish the books.
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Please don't read the books written by his son, they are trash. 
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