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Bella is big weepy hero pony

Obvious who best filly, is with just a short trailer, she is a hero after all, and that unicorn friend of her's, I can't get over the horn looking so weird =/  ... ... I like Lynn too =P

[Fillies] ([Bella]) owned by [I haven't a clue] not me. [Fillies] ([Bella]) designed by [I haven't a clue]

Oh anypony can use anything I upload for whatever, I don't mind so long as it makes other ponies smile, link's are nice too =) (Smile)
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Awws, that's cute. I wouldn't worry too much about colours, since 3D has spec maps and colour maps and difference in lighting and whatnot, there's bound to be some discrepancies. Remember to add it to the Fillies group, though, and congrats on getting on Funtasia Daily!

Also, Cedric is best Filly, going by the bios. Going by trailer, the guy who wants to blast things to dust is best. I wholeheartedly support that guy's philosophy.
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I never got into the social side of DA and Funtasia Daily, that is interesting news thanks. 
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Her hair is too dark red and needs to be a bit lighter; like a dark pink. Her crown is also offset by like 45 degrees or so; facing the viewer and not aligned with her face. Her right foreleg also appears to be a bit thin.
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The hair colour is debatable, personally this is what I took from what little I have seen in the trailer. If there is a more solid colour guide somewhere I can use then that is another story but its all up to interpretation otherwise. And thanks for the feedback, as much as I hate to have all the faults picked out it makes my next picture better =)
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It's easier to just look at her like Pinkie Pie. Their color scheme is almost exactly the same.
And yeah, I figured you'd appreciate a bit of criticism as opposed to "that's cute".