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Getting Off Work - shrinking/growth/BE comic!

By RedFireD0g
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DOM has the day off from his job at the museum, but BEV has to go to work. Previously, DOM swiped an enchanted ring from the museum that causes him to shrink. He also gave BEV a companion ring, which lets her absorb some of his size when this happens, making herself taller and curvier in general. They're... kind of addicted to it. 

The effect can be slowly undone by simply touching and holding one ring to the other. They usually stop before the changes are completely reversed, so DOM happily spends most of his time a few inches shorter than he used to be so that BEV can have the tall, curvy pinup bod she's always wanted and get better tips at the diner. BEV couldn't resist a quickie with DOM before leaving for work, but as often happens, they got a little carried away...

The full, HD, 50+ page comic is exclusive to Patreon subscribers. You can get it by pledging at the $10 Premium Subscriber tier, where you'll also get the exclusive giantess growth comic Sugar Pills 8, the exclusive first part of the breast expansion comic Spoiled Brat: Family Feud, plus Selfie, another exclusive bonus breast expansion comic, and the exclusive Revenge growth comic. 

Check it out now to get more information!…

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© 2015 - 2020 RedFireD0g
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Do you any demo or free trial she looks so perfect
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OK wtf is with this patreon thing.  Started towards donating, no access to anything, canceled that shit.  
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RedFireD0gProfessional Digital Artist
So, a quick explanation: because of the way Patreon works, you won't be charged until the end of the month. To prevent people from just subscribing, downloading and dropping without paying anything, I send out most of the larger rewards shortly after the end of the month, once payment is received.

Luckily, that’s only a few days from now, so you won’t have to wait too long. Until then, there’s plenty of exclusive content that you can access immediately.
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So thiis ready and up for the 10 dollar subscribers or will this be in next month?
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RedFireD0gProfessional Digital Artist
End of this month.
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Knight3000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks great
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RedFireD0gProfessional Digital Artist
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Man she's got a rack
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