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Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans ready!

Who's ready to kick some ass with Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans!? Cause I do! :XD: :dance:!
No doubt, my first campaign goes to Chris! :D Nothing new coming from me uh? :lol: Just a quick Picture I made in XNAlara

Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans are characters of Resident Evil 6, property of Capcom.
Models extracted by fil1969
Models Rigged and ported in XNA Lara by Adngel
Bones renamed by a-m-b-e-r-w-o-l-f
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It looks like Chris is chanting for someone to fight... "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Piers is all like, "Captain..." *shakes head*

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Chris is look like:  What the fuck are you telling about Piers you sucker ?!Im goin crash your skull !
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Anyone here where I can find a decent(non-Torrent)download of XNALara?
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Almost forgot, nice pic!
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I know Damn it Capcom! X( there's always hope they will bring him back (unlike what they say in commercials no hope left XD) who is your main character in mercenaries I'm going to guess Chris? :)
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then your guess is right! XD wow how did you know!? XD I'm tha obvious! XD... just by knowing my DA username right? XD
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Haha yeah I revealed your big secret! XD everyone is going to be so surprised! XD
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*0* don't you dare! XD
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Have you played re6 yet? :D
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Yeah, I played it, I finished Chris campaign already, and just today, I finished Leon's campaign, Now I'm on Jake this weak, and later Ada :D
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Cool :D did Chris's ending make you sad too? :|
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Super Sad! :( Capcom is evil for doing those things! Making us love Piers only to kill him in the end!
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Wow! New model for Chris Redfield in RE6 and Piers Nivans? =)

Well I'm not good for playing it cause I'm too nervy ^^; ... when I watched the complete campaign of Chris these pass days.. oh.. even in the end and until now, I was still shocked of what happened to Piers... in anyways I got them a screenshots as remembrance from them. =D

Chris Campaign is Epically Magnificent! :#1:
After all I'm still his fan =)

I'm heading next to Leon Campaign and then Jake... hehe.. I'm not yet getting to spoil.. I want to be surprised ^^; =D
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That's the exact order I'm playing it, I finished CHris story already, Just today finished Leon's and now I'm on Jake, hopefully this week I finish Ada's one too :P I'm really sad in Chris ending, But the game was perfectly awesome! :D
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^^; I'm still not get over with Chris Campaign... I keep replaying it for 2X now from the beginning.

Well if I could have chance to play it on PC someday... =D
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:( I never had a good PC to withstand any kind of videogame, and they are pretty good ones -_-
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I am! I"M AMPED!!! :D
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Chris is ready punch someone XD
I always liked Chris, he's still my favorite character in Resident Evil, ever since RE1. Can't wait to play RE6 TWO MORE DAYS!
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Two more days. Then i will play Chris's campaign over and over again.
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:P hehe Yeah, well, since I'm replying late :P I doing what you just told me here XD
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